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April 18, 2014
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April 18, 2014
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Interplay acquired THQ's  FreeSpace  IP for just $7,500
Interplay acquired THQ's FreeSpace IP for just $7,500
June 7, 2013 | By Mike Rose

June 7, 2013 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Newsbrief: Court documents filed earlier this week show that Interplay acquired the rights to the FreeSpace franchise from THQ and Volition for a mere $7,500.

THQ was cut up and sold off earlier this year as part of its bankruptcy plans, and those IPs which were not bought in the initial round were then auctioned off through April and May.

Volition's space combat sim series FreeSpace was part of that second round of auctioning, and newly-filed documents show that the franchise's original publisher Interplay picked up the IP.

Interplay currently sells the FreeSpace games online via the Good Old Games website.

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John Ardussi
profile image
Why does this feel like those people who go to other garage sales to buy things to sell at their garage sale?

Michael Joseph
profile image
7500.00 is not even close to fair market value. they could have sold it on ebay for 10x that in the worst case scenario.

you could join Star Citizen and Elite 4 on kickstarter with the Freespace name. Maybe you dont raise 2million+ but you could give it a good run.

there's more to this than meets the eye, but who knows if we'll ever find out.

Lukasz Fronc
profile image
I feel kinda sad reading this.

Derek Smart
profile image
It's bullshit. I'm so pissed right now. Makes the $250K I was willing to pay for it years back look like buying a small island. Oh well, at least the franchise is back home. Now let's see what Herve does with it - if anything.

John Woznack
profile image
Perhaps you can sweet-talk Herve into selling it to you for $10k?

Alan Boody
profile image
I'm not saying that THQ's management was stupid at the time, but to refuse $250k for the Freespace IP was very inept on their part. I personally don't see it being worth $50k, but it's definitely worth more than $7500. I mean, even when it was highly popular it wasn't anything like today's values (Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc).

Kevin Reese
profile image
That's is a real shame. Would have loved to see that IP in your hands, and what you would have done with it. I think you'd be a natural fit for that IP. $250 is a very generous offer IMHO and surprised they didn't sell it for that.

Kevin Patterson
profile image
Hard to believe that a once great franchise could go for so little. I don't think the space sim genre died, I think publishers focused on other things, mainly FPS shooters. There is still a fanbase for it, and I have been wanting a Freespace sequel (as well as a new Descent).

Kevin Reese
profile image
$7,500 seems too low, for sure. I would think at least $15,000 would be worth it for the nostalgic fan recognition in the name ... not that I particularly recall anything stand-out about the fictional world components of that IP, but certainly the series is held by many to be such a standout.

I think 7.5k is a terrific buy, as I'm very confident Space Citizen is going to bring in a new golden era for space flight sim games. It's all timing, but a decent-to-great Freespace 3 coming out at the right time and you'd be able to imagine fantastic rewards for selling the IP to anyone wanting to make a Freespace 4, if I were to speculate.

...and I don't think it was ever that the demand for space flight sim games ever really went away. It was more so the case that just hardly any quality space flight sim games have been made in the 21st century. A proper X-Wing or TIE fighter game remake, for example, would sell extremely well I would wager...

Mark Fronstin
profile image
Thats a bargain. I wonder if EA would ever sell E&B?

Michael Mullins
profile image
Am I understanding correctly that $7500 bought a development license and not the full rights and IP which Interplay already owns? It still seems absurdly pocket-change cheap if that license could be used to make salable games. Not that it would be a great idea, but even a mod community could have come up with that scratch.