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October 20, 2014
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October 20, 2014
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Wargaming, Rebellion and Stardock all bid on Atari assets
Wargaming, Rebellion and Stardock all bid on Atari assets
July 22, 2013 | By Mike Rose

July 22, 2013 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

U.S. Bankruptcy Court documents have revealed which companies will be picking up certain franchises from Atari later this week, with studios including Wargaming, Rebellion Interactive, and Stardock.

Earlier this year, the U.S. branch of Atari filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Despite reaching out to 180 potential purchasers, Atari didn't receive any suitable offers, and so has now decided to auction off all of its assets.

As part of this latest filing, it has been revealed which companies have successfully bid on the following assets:

- Backyard Sports franchise: Successful bid from Epic Gear
- Humongous franchise, Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise, Math Gran Prix: Successful bid from Tommo Inc
- Total Annihilation franchise: Successful bid from Wargaming World, with back-up bid from Uber Entertainment
- Battlezone franchise: Successful bid from Rebellion Interactive Games, with back-up bid from Tommo Inc
- Master of Orion franchise: Successful bid from Wargaming World, with back-up bid from Stardock Systems
- Moonbase Commander franchise: Successful bid from Rebellion Interactive Games
- Star Control franchise: Successful bid from Stardock Systems, with back-up bid from On The Go Technology

There was no word on the potential sales of the RollerCoaster Tycoon and Test Drive franchises as-of-yet, nor do the documents state how much has been bid for each asset.

The sale of the Total Annihilation franchise to Wargaming is particularly interesting, given that the series was originally created by Chris Taylor at Cavedog Entertainment, who then went on to found Gas Powered Games, which is now owned by Wargaming.

The full sale hearing is due to take place later this week on July 24, 2013, when the asset sales will be finalized.

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Andrew Traviss
profile image
I'm most excited that the Star Control franchise is going to a company that might actually use the damn thing.

Jeremy Reaban
profile image
Master of Orion 1&2 are some of my favorite games of all time. I hope it doesn't get turned into a F2P online game. Just a HD remake would be nice.

James Yee
profile image
Hear hear! HD MOO2 would rock! :)

Neil Harris
profile image
Have you played Starfleet Orion for iOS? It's a great Orion-style game, great AI and superb multiplayer.

Ramin Shokrizade
profile image
Are Wargaming World and the same entity? If so the news that they are taking over the Total Annihilation series is intriguing. Star Dock would make a good owner of the Master of Orion franchise in its traditional form. I personally would love to help move the franchise to real time for WG under certain conditions, but this would be a huge leap for one of the world's most legendary turn based games. If this is indeed what is happening, perhaps WG could license the title to Stardock to make a turn based sequel while WG turns it into an MMO.

Kevin Chulski
profile image
A number of other game news portals seem to be reporting it as, so I'm relatively certain they are the same?

Maurício Gomes
profile image

(please, don't pull a supreme commander on it! AND NOT A KINGDOMS either...)

Also, I feel very sad that Stardock managed to buy something. They are one of the worst companies out there.

Chris Proctor
profile image
Wargaming also just bought Gas Powered Games (Chris Taylor being one of the guys behind the original TA), so we might be up for a proper sequel to Total Annihilation. Uber also has a bunch of Cavedog alums, but they have Planetary Annihilation going already, so . . .