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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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The miracle of modern video games - a heartfelt message from a player
November 27, 2013 | By Kris Graft

Gamasutra is about the art and business of making video games. Here's a heartfelt, personal video about the impact game creators can have when they make those video games.

The video is from Steven Williams, who plays the angry nerd "Francis" on his YouTube channel, which has over 1 million followers. Francis isn't in this clip. Here you get 100% Williams -- a 39-year-old man with health issues, a troubled youth and a pure love for video games.

Before watching it, I suggest checking out this heartstring-tugging interview with Williams by Kotaku's Evan Narcisse.

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Bendik Stang
profile image
THANK YOU boogie2988!

As a game dev we need to hear this! The reality of life for most game devs, especially indies is that it is a brutal uphill struggle driven by passion and possibly forced optimism, with pitfalls and raging monsters coming at you from all sides. Many die in the attempt to follow the dream!

Your message makes it worth fighting for, cause you are right!

Matt Marshall
profile image
Such a true message, in one way I have to admit. I was there too. I was the Colecovision guy, the Atari attachment, the Amiga 500 guy and the stay up all night to get through megaman guy in one go... Demolition Derby on the 486 and the introduction of the first true 3D card...Ha! What a jump that was!

'Kids these days' , never though I'd hear me say those words, but I guess every generation would say the same, don't really...CAN'T really...appreciate how far we have come in such a short time. It is indeed miraculous to see.

But I also have seen, and continue to see, the scene ruined by the corporations. The ones who do it for the money, to get the biggest buck out of the market, the microtansactions and the pretty much see through DLC plans. The indies are getting by and that is where the original atmosphere is, but many of the triple A publishers ripping into the market for everything it's got. We don't have those same emotions anymore cos you have to BUY them.

Of course that is a blanket statement but it's something that is getting to me more and more. Companies that I loved and respected I now refuse to support due to their pricing strategies and or blatant lies. I don't want to get into a rant so I'll wrap it up there, but basically yes...I agree that we are in an AMAZING place for least a POTENTIALLY amazing place...with more to come with Oculus rift about to go mainstream, and I feel the Steam machines will hopefully open up a lot of doors if they do it right...but I can't help feel that a lot of this will be overshadowed by greed.

I realise families gotta eat and pay the bills, but does the marketing guy really need that second house? (If Don Mattrick's salary was any indication). I don't even know what the main point is here, but I guess the 'frontier' of gaming has been swapped out, like any thing that can make money, with making money...and it's left to the passionate little guys to keep the dream alive.

/rant (!)

Matt Marshall
profile image
ALthough note...AS a little guy, I can't wait to get better at programming to make some of my ideas come to life! And in THIS day and age, I finally can.

Glenn Sturgeon
profile image
Boogie is an intresting and funny guy. While i dont see games as a "miracle" i do see them as an amazing combination of arts and skills molded into the best form of media entertainment in history.
Its a shame so many look at games in such a shallow and disrespectful way. Too many people see games as an entitlement rather than the luxury they realy are.

Thank you to all the Industry members out there and to other gamers like Boogie who spred the word of gratitude.

Carter Gabriel
profile image
Nah it would have been better if the devs didn't go carebear and made it hardcore with permadeath so when he tried to make friends he was killed by them instead and then couldn't play anymore.

Permadeath is the only way to play, and developers should force others to play it so they will learn to like it so we can have more games with it.

This guy would end up with a better life view, more self esteem, and MORE friends if he played in a FFA PvP permadeath game. Sigh. If only devs weren't such carebears.