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October 31, 2014
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With 5.3M units sold, the PS4 is rapidly catching up to the Wii U
With 5.3M units sold, the PS4 is rapidly catching up to the Wii U
February 18, 2014 | By Mike Rose

Newsbrief: By the end of 2013, Sony had sold 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles in around a month and a half. Today, the company says that it has now sold more than 5.3 million units worldwide.

That total is as of February 8, meaning that the console sold around 1.1 million units in six weeks. Notably, the PS4 is due to launch in Japan later this week, and Sony will no doubt be looking to bolster this total figure as a result.

The latest figures we heard from Microsoft put the Xbox One at 3 million units sold by the end of 2013. Meanwhile the PlayStation 4 is rapidly catching up with the Nintendo Wii U, which has managed 5.86 million units sold to date.

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Bob Fox
profile image
I'm sure at least some of that is MS's comment about Xbox one pushing for always online DRM and pushed people to PS4.

Mike Griffin
profile image
Getting more under the hood for $100 less than their competitor has been pretty effective for them, on a superficial level. We didn't really expect to see that shake out so early in the battle, however.

Then came along a number of major releases that put the spotlight on that gap in horsepower and comments about quality of tools/drivers, the latest being MGSV: GZ's 720p XB1 to 1080p PS4 announcement (60fps for both).

Resolutiongate continues.

Combine all these recent shenanigans with the early policy fuck-ups and poor messaging from MS, and you see just enough ingredients in the mix to tip sales and interest in the PS4's favor.

Obviously it's still very early, but it seems they're going to clear 6 million systems sold before March is out. That's quickly becoming a pretty sizable and reliable player base to tap into, after just four and half months on the market and more regions to release to.

I'm curious to see if the Slim can help their portable rebound.

Alex Nichiporchik
profile image
Don't forget how much Europe plays in it all. I would love to see the spread between EU/US.

In short, the Xbox One is useless in the EU. I will be getting it only for Titanfall on the couch, that exclusive title just sold one xbox one

Cordero W
profile image
I respect Sony for having games that you can't get on Nintendo (though this is also because a lot of AAA devs don't want publish their games on the Wii console). But I can live without an Xbox. It never hurt us in the past and it won't hurt us now. Still, you cannot ignore the Xbox's existence. There's a fanbase behind it, and that's what keeps them in business.

John Paduch
profile image
Perhaps, but they course-corrected pretty quick on that. Sure, it still left a bruise, but I doubt that it can be blamed for the current state of sales. Xbox has only ever been a top-seller in North America. In Europe, it only caught up to PS3 near the end of last gen. In Japan, it was non-existent then and continues to be now.

I'd say that the bigger mistake was focusing so much on non-gaming services that are only relevant in the NA, and perhaps not even all of that region. Is Canada able to make use of the tv functionality?

Justin Kovac
profile image
PC version of Titfanfall does have controller support with aim assist.

Maria Jayne
profile image
I admit, while I'm not participating in the console competition, I am somewhat pleased the machine aimed at gamers first is ahead.

Ardney Carter
profile image
Yep, 5.86m units sold ;)

Jarod Smiley
profile image
whoa...Sony off to a great start...

I know people have there preferences, but I'm secretly hoping all the little gamer inside of us is rooting for PS4 at this point. I have a love/hate relationship with Nintendo, so I'll no doubt be picking up a Wiiu for it's exclusives, but it's nice to have the "goto" platform where all the third party titles show up.

The TF deal just doesn't seem right, and we have all these posts about the devs not being happy, wait a year for the rushed sequel, Respawn didn't know about it etc...why? Because we want the third party machine, and I think fans want it to be the PS4 for obvious reasons. We can all get our second console for exclusives (or your first console and pick up the PS4 later) and we all have preferences, but it would be nice to have a market leader again like PS2 days. It really had something for everyone, hope we can get that again. And stuff like Papers Please, Day Z, show up on at least the market leader console if nothing else.

Michael Wenk
profile image
I don't understand the love/hate thing with Nintendo. Some of their games are a total blast, some of em suck. I personally don't see many of em that are really kid centered. I think many think it is because their perceptions on maturity are skewed majorly.

In terms of PS4 vs XB1, well, I haven't bought either, and I won't until they have software for em. I never had any trouble buying a console from either Sony or MS, so I don't see a point until they have something that's worth it. In the last generation, I went MS because it was just as good as the Sony console for much less money. Neither sides exclusives really made that much a difference to me.

From what I see right now, once I do buy in this gen, its likely going to be Sony because its 100$ cheaper, and doesn't force me to buy a monthly service to be able to use my device. But I need some software to do so, and so far, none of the stuff in this gen, from either of the 3 consoles looks fun enough for me to spend 60$, let alone 460$

Merc Hoffner
profile image
Perhaps the bigger news story right now should be that the weekly differential between PS4 and Xbox One is over 5X as large as the differential between Xbox One and Wii U, and that's set to grow substantially when both systems hit Japan. The PS4 is almost certain to catch the Wii U inside of a month (and potentially within days given Japan), but the Xbox One is trending to take over a year to do the same. The story isn't just that PS4 is succeeding (it is), but that Xbox is secretly failing. I say secretly because the initial launch explosions have unusually masked the 'equilibrium' sales which are only just now emerging. It's unusual because platforms have never historically had this level of manufacturing capacity to sate launch demand - such is the benefit of slowing down the power curve and going x86.

Basically, Microsoft has a LOT riding on one game from EA.

Benjamin Quintero
profile image
I'm a little surprised to have not seen some completely unrelated response from Microsoft like, "our gamers have played 100 gazillion hours on LIVE". They must be waiting for Titanfall to drop and hope that it propels their sales numbers.