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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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 Minecraft  movie in the works with Warner Bros.
Minecraft movie in the works with Warner Bros.
February 27, 2014 | By Christian Nutt

Mojang is in talks with major film studio Warner Bros. regarding a Minecraft movie, founder Markus "Notch" Persson has revealed.

His tweet, embedded below, was an effort to beat a leak to the punch in announcing the news. That "leak" is likely this story on the project, from film industry website Deadline.

Notably, Warner Bros. recently had a commercial and critical hit in the form of The Lego Movie; Lego has obvious similarities to the blocky, building-oriented and voxel-based Minecraft. Deadline reports that The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee is working on the Minecraft project.

It is worth noting that development deals in Hollywood don't necessarily result in finished films, with projects taking years to come to fruition if at all. Persson offered no further details on the status of the potential Minecraft project.

The PC version of Minecraft recently hit 100 million users and over 14 million sales.

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Jeff Leigh
profile image
Action: Malthon426 digs a cube out of the ground.
Action: Malthon426 digs a cube out of the ground.
Action: Malthon426 digs a cube out of the ground.
** Director's Note: A creeper falls onto Malthon426 from an overhead cavern.
Action: Malthon426 is exploded.



Jeff Leigh
profile image
Creeper: "Hey guys, can I come in?"
Malthon426: "No."
Creeper: "Can't I just come inside for a bit?"
Malthon426: "NO!!!"
Creeper: "HAAAAAATE!!!!"

(I really hope the writing team has a sense of humor here...)

Michael Joseph
profile image
:) Reminds me of some of the Minecraft Machinima out there.

Wait no it doesn't. It's too clean. Most MC Machinma seem like a series of "Minecraft Confessions" vignettes. I can't imagine how one makes a feature out of that. And if I am Mojang, I would want to make darn sure that this movie didn't end up looking\sounding like South Park.

Erik Hu
profile image
This sounds like news that you'd read from the onion. Candy crush, the movie! The first free to watch movie in theaters 4/1/2014.

Ron Dippold
profile image
65 minutes in, the entire audience is beaten up until they cough up some money, flee the theater, or mutely suffer the blows till the hired goons get bored.

This occurs again at minutes 70, 76, and 97, till only those who came with full wallets or are happy masochists are left.

TC Weidner
profile image
Is it just me, but dont most games translate to lousy movies, just as most movies translate to lousy games. Its kinda curious really. For sure there are a few exceptions but for the vast majority.. lousy is a kind word for them.

Ron Dippold
profile image
'Minecraft' would be a really horrible movie. But they can do what LEGO Movie did and set a generic fun plot in the universe, have lots of generic jokes and game mechanics jokes, and render everything appropriately.

Alan Barton
profile image
When I first saw the headline, I thought it would be a movie about the huge success of Minecraft, kind of like "The Social Network" film. That would make some sense, as it was a life changing amount of money and success with huge impact.

However another Lego like movie with Minecraft characters?! ... Ok it works well with short fun music videos, but not enough to hold the interest for over an hour.

John Flush
profile image
If this is straight to DVD and targeted at the kids that play minecraft they might break even. Similar to all the Lego stuff that comes out. Then again the Lego movie has done amazingly I hear...

Dillon Kehler
profile image
It doesn't need to be any good. Every 6-10 year old kid in North America will watch it. It could just be a big screen stream of "The Best of Stampy Long Head" and it would gross hundreds of millions of dollars.