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July 25, 2014
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July 25, 2014
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Who says the JRPG is dead?  Bravely Default  debuts with 200k sales
Who says the JRPG is dead? Bravely Default debuts with 200k sales
March 13, 2014 | By Christian Nutt

March 13, 2014 | By Christian Nutt

Newsbrief: Square Enix's newest IP, Bravely Default, appears to be a hit with Western fans: The game, which debuted on February 7, shifted over 200,000 units to players in its first three weeks on sale -- that's when you count both physical and digital copies, says Nintendo, which published the title in North America.

The game outperformed the success of last year's surprise hit Fire Emblem Awakening by 10 percent, says Nintendo.

Bravely Default slid in at number 10 in this month's NPD sales chart; Square Enix's other RPG launch, Lightning Returns hit at number 8, though that was across two platforms: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. According to Nintendo, if you break down sales by individual platforms, Bravely Default on 3DS was the second-best selling SKU of the month overall.

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Tommy Hanusa
profile image
... I need to play Bravely Default...

Duvelle Jones
profile image
Fun game, good (if somewhat unimpressive) story. The combat and the character personalities really hold Bravely Default together.

I really can't say anything more. If you have the money and the time, get it... if you are considering it, do try the demo.

John Flush
profile image
I tried the demo. it seems to favor building things if you run into people using pass and play to reduce build times and such (which were real time...). I deleted the demo soon after I hit that part. If I wanted stuff like that I would play my iPad.

Seth Strong
profile image
I think you missed the point. The game doesn't require any of that, but if you have friends playing, you can incorporate network features as well.

The game has:
- All the one player RPG you expect
-- Magic
-- Jobs
-- Equipment
-- More unique mechanics of Brave, Default, and Special Move customization
- Sleep points generated by leaving your 3DS on in suspend (you don't need a network)
- Friends for summoning who use their special moves
- Friends for linking to one of your four heroes (so you can link up to four friends this way)

Where John sees an iPad game, I see (and am playing) a game that gives you options and really nicely done 3D.

John Flush
profile image
But see that is the problem for me, JRPG's aren't online or 'friend' games to me. So when I see these features I see a moving away from what I look for in the genre, which means the game has little value to me for filling that game genre need.

I'm glad people are liking it but I absolutely hate the 'you must wait in real time' or 'have friends linked in to feel like you are playing it right' mechanics so it means a no buy right out of the gate. And I'm glad I didn't because the sales are already amazing and for something I'm not really a fan. So it is that much more important for me to not buy it at this point.

Mike Jenkins
profile image
Those features can be completely ignored without consequence, all they do is open some bonus items in the shops. It's a pretty neat way to incorporate street pass but nothing more than that.

Justin Kovac
profile image
Its really an optional part of the game.

The town unlocks item shops and Special Moves. Special Moves can be powerful big hits, but I could see the game beatable without needing to use them at all. Most of the time I forget to use them during boss battles. Rejuvenation (party heal, mp recovery, one status cure, +BP) is probably the most useful

The other social aspect is the Summon/Send attacks. If you link with friends, you can use a commadn they sent you (be it a special move or spell or item). If they are high level, it can potentially one shot bosses. You also can "Ablink" your friends to a character, enabling access to higher job level abilities that your friend has learned.

But this is all optional and not required to beat or to enjoy the game. I actually took off the Ablinks since it seemed to powerful, even on Hard (or it saves time on job level grinding).

Once a day you can Net Friend random people, getting free villagers and access to their share command for one use.

Also the village builds while you are in Sleep Mode. Speaking of sleep, there are sleep points obtained every 8 hours in sleep mode (up to 3) which allow you to interrupt the enemy and take an extra round of commands. I think I used this once for the tutorial quest. I never remember to use it against bosses, even if I perish to them. I try again and make adjustments.

Everything is optional and not required to play the game. All they do is open the game up to those that have a harder time with JRPGs.

Edit: That said, I felt the Demo did a poor job of showing off the mechanics of the game and how it all works. Full game does a lot better slowly introducing the game off.

Jeferson Soler
profile image
Just like with Wonderful 101, the game demo for Bravely Default doesn't do the actual game justice, in my opinion. The demo is good with helping players understand the main mechanics behind the game as well as with giving players a good start on the actual game as the demo awards players with bonuses that can be transferred onto the actual game, but otherwise, the demo is not mandatory to play. Besides, it is much easier to get villagers through the actual game than through the demo as you can use Internet connection to easily get guests. The demo doesn't have that option and you would have to rely on a trick in order to get a lot of villagers to help you with building the village on the demo.

evan c
profile image
Because Nintendo actually knows how to promote their games.

Has there been any other publisher who has actually put an effort in promoting/advertising their games on the 3DS or Vita?

Jeferson Soler
profile image
@ evan c - "Because Nintendo actually knows how to promote their games." That's true at times and when it comes to 3DS games, but Nintendo of America still needs to do a better job with promoting Wii U games. Nevertheless, the promotion for Bravely Default was actually good and the interesting part about the whole thing is that the game was localized by NoA, but it was actually from Square Enix. I wonder what was the reason for Square Enix USA not wanting to localize the game in the first place, but at least, NoA did so and the end results came out good.

evan c
profile image
I think Nintendo also does a great job promoting Wii U games.

Tropical Freeze actually had some buzz behind it despite being a side-scrolling platformer, but with the Wii U console selling poorly there's nothing much Nintendo can do with the software sales.

I just wanted to point out that this isn't just "JRPG isn't dead" but the health of handheld gaming market in general.

It is disappointing that other publishers never put any serious marketing on handheld games. When the game sells poorly they settle with "mobile gaming has taken over", "small install base", etc.

No one will say "we don't want to spend any time and resource to promote handheld games, that's reserve for consoles."

Jarod Smiley
profile image
Will support it, but I'm tired of exclusives tbh...Bring these games to more platforms and they will sell better. Why isn't this on PS3 and Vita? Instantly add another 200K in sales.

Gotta start putting games on all consoles man, exclusives are only good for initially selling hardware, and those should mostly come from the hardware manufactures as showpieces for the console. I miss JRPG on the big screen!

More Tales and Persona level stuff SE!

Leon T
profile image
Likely not worth the extra cost to port it over as since the 3DS cost less to develop for.