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October 31, 2014
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Nintendo considering Unity on 3DS
Nintendo considering Unity on 3DS
March 24, 2014 | By Kris Graft

Newsbrief: Nintendo is considering bringing Unity support to its 3DS handheld.

“We’ve had those discussions and we are definitely looking at [Unity on 3DS],” said Damon Baker, senior manager of licensing marketing at Nintendo of America, in an interview with Siliconera.

Unity is among the most popular game engines around, and bringing it to 3DS could mean more support from the game development community.

Baker added that Nintendo’s first priority was to bring Unity to Wii U, but now the company may move forward with middleware initiatives on 3DS.

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Jeremy Alessi
profile image
Very nice!

Daniel Balmert
profile image
Yes please. It's been a dream for me (and many other devs) to make a game boy game, and until recently I thought it would just stay a dream.

I know it's possible to make stuff for their homebrew-type setup and digital store, but I was hoping for tome kind of first party support like this.

Ameen Altajer
profile image
I wonder how the second screen support is gonna be embedded in within Unity.

Ardney Carter
profile image
I would assume you could just take a look at their Wii U implementation for an answer.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
"I would assume you could just take a look at their Wii U implementation for an answer."

If you are a licensed Nintendo developer you can. Otherwise, it is all speculation.

Daniel Kaplan
profile image
Or you think of it as you would when doing iphone+Apple TV

James Coote
profile image
The Wii-U implementation of second screen in Unity is really straight forward and easy to use, (when you see it, you'll be like "duh! Of course! Why didn't I think of that?"). I can't really think why they wouldn't do the same for 3DS

Denver Coulson
profile image
At GDC, they were publicly displaying how Unity support works. You simply choose which screen the camera outputs to in the inspector.

Will Hendrickson
profile image

Michael Thornberg
profile image
Then they need to cut down on the bloat... 3DS isn't like android.
Also, they need to work on the price... as much as I would love to do things on 3DS, paying $1500/seat isn't gonna happen for that platform.

James Coote
profile image
It's not so much the price that irks me, but having to get a devkit. If they want to restrict developers to only the really serious / professional ones, and they do that by slapping a great big price tag on it, then that's their prerogative.

But having to deal with the hassle of import duty and taxes to import some special bit of hardware is just onerous. And not being able to carry it around in your pocket to pull out at meetups or conferences or wherever else, and show people the latest build, is a real drag on game design principles of getting lots of feedback, often.

Joseph Donegan
profile image
I agree with the cost and associated hassle being a bis disincentive to indies, however you don't have to carry the devkit to demo your game. You can get a test kit that is basically just a 3DS with modified firmware that only costs a little more than a retail 3DS. It would be nice to be able to just develop in Unity and then test on the test kit and not have to bother with the devkit though.

Kevin Zhang
profile image
YES! Please make it happen.

Ryan Christensen
profile image
DO IT! Nintendo likes hardware sales, gamers like lots of games to try. They will definitely have a surge in sales both hardware and software if they do this.