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October 24, 2014
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 Halo 5  will launch for Xbox One in fall 2015
Halo 5 will launch for Xbox One in fall 2015
May 16, 2014 | By Mike Rose

Newsbrief: With Microsoft looking to bolster its Xbox One software library, the company today announced that the next Halo will launch for the console in fall 2015.

Halo 5: Guardians from 343 Industries is due for a big unveil at E3 next month, but Microsoft has opted to announce the game via its Xbox Wire blog a month in advance.

And the company said that the Halo television series will also launch around the same time as Halo 5.

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Kujel Selsuru
profile image
I'm actually a little bummed that Halo 5 is still so far out.

Nick Harris
profile image
The image refers obliquely to the myth of Echo and Narcissus, showing Master Chief with an Assault Rifle reflected in the mirage formed by a desert heat haze and Cortana given form by Prometheans with her blue light spilling out of her cyber-suit, carrying a Battle Rifle.

Halo 3 is due to be remade by 343i as well as Halo 2 and I only want them to have their resolution and framerate improved. No changes in the mechanics, dynamics or aesthetics. I don't need to Sprint because the maps have gotten huge - that is what the vehicles are for. Halo is not Black Ops. Gandhi hates what has happened to the franchise in this regard and quit. The weapons should descope when you are shot rather than flinch. Pick-ups and Power-ups beat silly Armor Abilities, in my humble opinion - fine, to have a map where everyone has a Jetpack but to have some with Hologram, or Evade, up against the overpowered Armor Lock that can be used to destroy splatter-intending vehicles is a silly Rock-Paper-Scissors distraction when the game should have irreducible strategic complexity.

There are a lot more pet peeves I have with the more recent Halo games, like the unbalancing effect of ordinance drops, or loadouts and unlocks:

Again, need it be said that Halo isn't Black Ops.

Not that there is anything wrong with Call of Duty, but we don't need to merge one game into another and I hope that Bungie realise this before they ruin Destiny at Activision's behest. Some signs are emerging that PvP is unlocked after the campaign is completed as you need a reasonable collection of weapons looted from the ruins of our solar system to be competitive, then acquistion of superior gear will effectively unblock access to new multiplayer hoppers - a bit like starting off in Team Duals with Pistols and SMGs and then unlocking Team BRs. If this proves to be the case it may rebalance the multiplayer usually dominated by superior loadouts and perks earned by experienced players in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield when they are all mixed in together.

Actually, my main fear is that 343i will change the physics of the vehicles in the remakes, as both the Mongoose and Warthog were modified for no good reason to be top heavy and prone to roll over. What had been a stable, rooted, pleasurable pair of vehicles to drive was so undermined that it put me off the series completely. Overheating gatling guns were just as stupid a change. As far as I was concerned Halo 3 multiplayer was perfect and those tasked with making sequels to it were always going to find that any modification to this finely balanced recipe yielded inferior results. So, I hope that irrespective of whatever they do with Halo 5: Guardians they keep the remakes close to their original form, right down to the geometry of the levels - I would much prefer a slicker and more detailed Valhalla, than the eyesore that is Ragnarok.

So, is there anything that 343i could do to evolve the recipe in Halo 5: Guardians other than a bunch more Raymanesque Promethean Weapons? Indeed, is there something in Call of Duty to take inspiration from without affecting the identitifiable "feel" of Halo, given that they seem to have such a strong compulsion in that direction?

Well, Master Chief is in command of a squad of Marines in Combat Evolved, you drive and they jump in your Warthog and gun. The longer your Sniper survives the better he gets at his job. There is a reason to look out for them on the battlefield, but you can go all Lone Wolf if you want to as it does not require you to micromanage their movement at all. This is similar to the AI squads in the new Call of Duty: Ghosts and I like having a game with more "boots on the ground", so this is something that could artificially boost the player count on large-scale Territories maps to impressive levels whilst only having a handful of Spartans in charge of their own squad of Marines. The option could exist to direct your squad towards some objective, enemy, or intervening cover by pushing the hitherto unused D-Pad to Assault or Flank whatever you were looking at, or have the squad Regroup at your position. This should improve the game's irreducible strategic complexity.

The Forge could be extended to include the Campaign maps with scenery and enemy spawns set up by the player however they chose. Firefight mode could be implemented by setting the arrival paths and drop-off points of Apparitions as well as determining who their Covenant passenger's were.

Those are my thoughts. What is your wish list?

Ron Dippold
profile image
That's a long time to go without your #1 exclusive.

Terry Matthes
profile image
That was my thought exactly. How do you not have this ready for the launch of your new system. Again and again it's a shit offering of software on launch. You would think they would have learned by now :(