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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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iOS users spend 45% more on in-app purchases than Android users
iOS users spend 45% more on in-app purchases than Android users
May 21, 2014 | By Mike Rose

May 21, 2014 | By Mike Rose
More: Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Newsbrief: iOS users tend to spend around 45 percent more on in-app purchases than Android users -- and that's despite the fact that Android users show greater engagement with games and apps.

According to a new report from mobile app analytics platform Swrve, iOS users are 32 percent more likely to make any in-app purchases at all compared to Android users.

Yet Android users tend to engage more with games and apps on mobile, spending around 17 percent more time playing around with apps than the average iPhone or iPad users.

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Alex Boccia
profile image
because they are drones and they will buy anything

Terry Matthes
profile image
I don't want to have to sign up to anything to see the results of the survey. Sorry.

Kujel Selsuru
profile image
Apple users are much more manipulable the android users, that's why they bought into the ios hype train.

Joe Stewart
profile image
@AlexBoccia, @KujelSelsuru Or.. maybe they just have more disposable income? Or some other totally benign reason?

But congrats on making yourselves feel superior for your choice of consumer goods, hope it worked out for you.

Chris Melby
profile image
Or maybe the iOS users they tracked from this snippet of a survey had less patients than the Android users, so reached for their wallets sooner? :)

Brent Orford
profile image
I still don't understand why some commenters on Gamasutra are so defensive and dismissive of reports such as this. This is simply an article where an analytics company has done some research and released the results, and surprise, they announced what every mobile company who has games on iOS and Android already knew - iOS users spend more than Android.

This knowledge should benefit the game industry and even more so, the indie community who might not have the user base for such an in depth statistical analysis. It tells you what platform to target your creative work towards for the best shot at financial return. Regardless of *why* iOS users spend more than Android, the fact remains, they do. That should be the take away here.

Greg Scheel
profile image
If your toolset does not let you target Android and iOS, get a new toolset. Unity and UE4 can publish to both platforms.

The bigger takeaway is that iOS users only spend 45% more, if I do recall, they used to spend double.

Gregory Booth
profile image

Platform loyalty has always been rather irrational.

It's amusing to see comments like this. Good for a laugh!

We personally use both. Spend money on Itunes and Google Play.

We target both. No sense in ignoring a potential revenue base even if it
is significantly smaller.