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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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EA shuts down Mythic Entertainment
EA shuts down Mythic Entertainment
May 29, 2014 | By Christian Nutt

Today, EA announced that it has shuttered Mythic Entertainment. The studio originally created the MMO Dark Age of Camelot before being acquired by EA during development of Warhammer Online. Most recently, it developed the controversial Dungeon Keeper reboot for smartphones.

EA provided this statement to Gamasutra regarding the studio's closure:

"We are closing the EA Mythic location in Fairfax, Virginia, as we concentrate mobile development in our other studio locations. We are working with all impacted employees to provide assistance in finding new opportunities, either within EA or with other companies via an upcoming job fair."

It is unclear how many staffers were affected. EA's spokesperson said it is company policy not to disclose headcount for studios or teams.

Mythic Entertainment released the early 2000s MMO hit Dark Age of Camelot; EA acquired the studio in 2006, as it worked on Warhammer Online. That game shut down late last year.

Most recently, the studio had developed mobile titles for EA, including Ultima Forever and Dungeon Keeper -- the latter of which was highly controversial.

As well as Dark Age of Camelot, Mythic had also shepherded Ultima Online after EA shuttered its original developer, Origin. Those games' maintenance was passed on to Mythic co-founder Rob Denton's Broadsword Online Games this February. Service for Dungeon Keeper will be transitioning to another team, EA's spokesperson confirmed.

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David Brooks
profile image
Dark Age of Camelot was released in 2001.

Christian Nutt
profile image
Oh, right you are. I should have realized that date was wrong, given when EQ came out. Fixing.

Michael Isaacs
profile image
The notches on EA's belt are getting more and more frequent. RIP Mythic, your at peace now, EA cant hurt you any more.

Kevin Fishburne
profile image
They'll clear the rainforests for all the spikes they'll need before it's all said and done. It's good to be the king. Not so much to work for him. Perhaps Valve or some other cunning scoundrel will someday poison the king's wine and leave us all with mouths agape.

Jochen Meckel
profile image
Well, I surely cannot pretend this comes as a surprise.

Warhammer Online was a great game (production values, IP, just the right degree of inovation) that did decently, but could not sustain itself in the big post WOW-MMO-goldrush. At that moment an Indie-Studio would just have silently crumbled, but i guess EA did want to keep the Mythic Brand.
I am not sure about this, but did EA not at one time push them to become part of the BioWare Family?
They did definitely transfer a lot of talent over to the SW:TOR Team.

Those recent mobile games certanly did not profit from any DarkAgeOfCamelot expertise (if there was any left at Mythic) - i guess EA just did not know what to do with them now that noone is willing to sink millions into yet another MMO. So they set them to "do some mobile".

And now mobile games have proven to just not work out for Mythic as well.

An insider could definitely give us a lot of examples of one or another screw up by EA staff. From small to really big. Maybe those led to the downfall of Mythic. Maybe it was just bad luck. We do not know.
But i do not think closing Mythic (as a studio - i have no idea how many of the original employes are still working there) right now is a mistake. It is just the logical conclusion of a sad story.

(this does not change the fact this is a terrible situation for a lot of the people working there. I feel bad for them and hope they find new (better) jobs asap)

Christian Nutt
profile image
Yes, when BioWare became part of EA, management of Mythic was put under Ray Muzyka. I don't remember all the specifics offhand without looking it up, but IIRC EA formed an RPG group with Muzyka at the head. For awhile, Mythic was called BioWare Mythic, even.

David Brooks
profile image
The speculation here (by Jochen) is not unreasonable.

EA is a business. After Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes (anyone remember that?), Ultima Forever and Dungeonkeeper, what would you expect?

Here's hoping all those affected land in healthy new situations!

Ken Love
profile image
"We are working with all impacted employees to provide assistance in finding new opportunities, either within EA or with other companies via an upcoming job fair."

I just L-O-V-E this politically correct line in effort to wash away the guilt.

Hugs 'n' Kisses.

Kevin Fishburne
profile image
It's reverse psychology; there is no guilt, but the line is designed to make us think they feel guilt. Have you seen Dexter? There's a lot of that sort of thing.