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October 31, 2014
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Watch a Unity developer demo the new UI system for Unity 4.6
May 30, 2014 | By Christian Nutt

Newsbrief: Unity has long been teasing an updated UI creation system for its engine, and it's almost here. While the highly anticipated system didn't quite make it into the recently released 4.5 update, it's almost ready -- enough to showcase it in a nearly half-hour long demo.

Above, Unity developer Rune Skovbo Johansen demos the new system in detail -- you can watch him create UIs that are either in screen-space or in game-space, and also see how the system interfaces with other parts of the engine. If you've been anticipating this new system, it's worth a glance.

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Matt Ponton
profile image
I honestly can't wait for this UI system, but I must.

I still imagine headaches dealing with their GUI system in some ways I'm sure.

Ian Richard
profile image
I'm not getting my hopes up. Been burned too many times before.

But good god I can't wait until I have a better GUI. I love unity but I hate the current GUI with every fiber in my body.

Paul Tozour
profile image
This is great. I hope Unreal Motion Graphics for UE4 ends up with similar functionality.

Justin Sawchuk
profile image
Unitys default GUI sucked so hard that the top selling item in the asset store was NGUI for years, then unity hired the same guy to work on there GUI, while he was still selling it in the asset store (where he was making 20k a month). Yeah no conflict of interest there, ha what a joke that was.

The postman always rings twice because I held off buying a third party GUI system for years, hell unity was supposed to give us the GUI back in 3.5 (I think). HAHA Unity you dirty birdie, This issue always makes me a little angry so hopefully they finally add it in 4.6.

Dominique Da Costa
profile image
This conflict of interest was one of the reason for me not to choose NGUI, but I've choosen another asset that put me in a impasse, at least now. I hope the 4.6 will solve this situation by increasing the quality level needed by other GUI assets.

Cordero W
profile image
I can tell from experience, I always end up having to code my own GUI system, and even that is a pain in the butt. If I'm given something better, I'm all for it.

Bruno Xavier
profile image
Judging by the experience I had with 4.6 betas, I'd say the new GUI is 'ok'.
It is like a built-in NGUI. Nothing super special like some hope it to be.

Lance Thornblad
profile image
What's missing? I'm curious...

Bruno Xavier
profile image
I'm not saying anything is missing.

Ryan Christensen
profile image
True but judging by the asset store, a built in NGUI is probably what people want. I think it is the best model in a balance between editor and code. Used EZGUI, DF, 2D Toolkit, NGUI and some custom ones and NGUI was fastest on mobile and the one most dev use so it is a bit of a standard.

I guess we will see how good it is when it comes to performance. That is all that really matters as most are very similar now. The old gui was built for web gaming and desktop gaming worlds, so it was a dog on mobile. It *should* be faster than all the other gui assets hopefully since they can do more things natively against the engine. The best part is all samples that use a gui can now at least perform.

Emeka Enubuzor
profile image
What makes it just "ok"?

Stephen Horn
profile image
I, too, would like to know what just makes it "ok". Can you elaborate? What are the system's shortcomings? What kinds of tasks are still needlessly hard? What kinds of things would you still use NGUI for?

Bruno Xavier
profile image
I guess some ppl see 'ok' as a bad thing. I see it as good thing.
Ok to me means that this is what the engine should have since always and taking so many years to deliver this system will make ppl argue why took so long.
There are also some little things you can milk from Scaleform that you won't be able to extract from this, still almost nobody will need Scaleform anymore.

Paul Higuain
profile image
The beta version lacks a lot of features. I hope they have something special. The Event System looks good too.

Gregory Booth
profile image
Liked NGUI.

Unity could do worse.

We'll see...