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October 26, 2014
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October 26, 2014
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EA moves to trump Steam Free Weekends with Origin Game Time
EA moves to trump Steam Free Weekends with Origin Game Time
June 20, 2014 | By Alex Wawro

Electronic Arts added a new feature to its Origin digital distribution client today: Game Time, a free game trial program that lets you download the full version of a featured game and play it as much as you like for 48 hours.

Game Time seems like a clear attempt to one-up Steam's "Free Weekend" program, which regularly allows Steam users to download a featured game and play it as much as they like within a strict timeframe.

Origin's new system is a bit different -- the 48-hour real-time window doesn't open until participants launch the game for the first time, affording users a bit more freedom in how they use the service.

Titanfall is the inaugural Game Time offering, though it's not the only game EA is giving away through Origin -- the company has been sporadically releasing its older games (Dead Space, Peggle) for free via the On The House program, presumably in an effort to entice people into signing up for Origin accounts.

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Kaze Kai
profile image
I heard "Origin" and then, white noise. :V

Mark Troyer
profile image
Interesting implementation but I wonder if this only works well for multiplayer games. I imagine if there's a single player experience that could be completed within 48 hours, some hardcore gamers out there could complete the entire experience without paying anything and then move on. Still, being able to try a game for a duration that doesn't limit you to the weekend is a nice addition. I personally don't use Origin but perhaps it will drive Valve to try something with Steam.

Justin Kovac
profile image
Playstation has had 1-2 hour trials open to PS+ members. Seemed a reasonable alternative to a structured demo.

Origin already had the 24 hour return policy after you first launch the game. I think is more geared toward making sure you can run the game, but I see nothing stopping someone from trying out a game for a few hours then returning it if they do not like it.

Steam only offers a refund via support and does not guarantee it. Oh and the refund goes to your Steam Wallet.

Most Steam has added recently is the ability for Valve to make more money with Market transaction fees with Steam cards.

Jeff Leigh
profile image
Considering the total cost of ownership for Sims 3...

EA is about as far away as you can get from a good deal. Their reputation is terrible compared to Steam, and I don't think "Free Time" is going to fix that.

David Reeves
profile image
Desperation surfaces by trying to lure people with "Free" marketing campaigns. Even if EA paid me to use Origin, I'd still say no.

Their whole online system is totally broken and worth less, 99% of the time cannot connect to their origin server(s), so why should I use this, let alone purchase games from EA.

EA no more chances, attempts, you can either scrap your system and start again or become a resident of oblivion...

Maria Jayne
profile image
I just logged into Origin....first time in months.

49.99 for DA: Inquisition
59.99 for Fifa 15 Ultimate Edition & Sims 4 DD

Logged back out again.

Aaron Oostdijk
profile image
Tried this with Titanfall this weekend. Enjoying the game quite a bit, but I don't really know what they're expecting here. Everytime I shut down the game I get an offer to purchase the full product.

To me, this is a nice way to try games I'd otherwise never purchase (such as Titanfall), and never will.

Ruthaniel van-den-Naar
profile image
I tried Titanfall too, but i experienced lots of disconnects and timeouts, few install issues and finally 50 GB game installation.. and result game is relatively boring for me. I will stay with Quake 3.

David Paris
profile image
Why would demo mode matter to me at all?

I don't use it on Steam. I can't imagine I'd use it on Origin either.

Probably the thing I notice most is that Steam puts the 'free for 2 days' titles into my Steam library which bypasses my normal category sorting and annoys me.

Mirroring a useless feature won't help Origin any.

Maria Jayne
profile image
"Probably the thing I notice most is that Steam puts the 'free for 2 days' titles into my Steam library which bypasses my normal category sorting and annoys me. "

I've also noticed this and it annoys me too. Mostly because I don't even know I have a free weekend access, since I have so many games getting a free unsorted game thrown into that list I never need to scroll down is just stupid.

It would be far more effective if free game time was gifted via the Steam gift notification. I see that without having to hunt for it.