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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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Call for blogs: Share your sales data
Call for blogs: Share your sales data
August 8, 2014 | By Christian Nutt

Every so often, a developer will release some sales data into the wild. That data becomes a touchpoint for others -- a set of expectations that they can judge against. Sure, their circumstances might not be the same, but it's something, right?

We can all agree: Flying blind is no fun. We need data to make decisions.

So why not share yours?

This week, Shovel Knight developer David D'Angelo posted two data-filled blogs that cover how well the game performed and how players engaged with it.

That kind of transparency allows other developers to thrive.

He's not the only one; Terence Lee's 2013 post on Dustforce's sales was another touchpoint for indie devs, while Chad Etzel's iOS game numbers from last month showed one side of the mobile market -- but there are other sides, too.

Why not share your side? What story does your game have to tell? It doesn't have to be long, and you don't have to spill all of the beans -- but if you have some data to share that could help someone else understand the market, then you've done a service for game developers everywhere.

The best submissions will be featured on Gamasutra's front page and in its social media feeds, including our official Twitter feed -- which has over 120,000 followers.

Interested? Check out our blogging guidelines and then get started. You can submit your posts directly to Gamasutra's blog section.

Not sure what to write? Need to brainstorm? Just email blog director Christian Nutt and he'll help you with any questions.

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Thomas Happ
profile image
I hope to release something like this (provided there isn't some contractual prohibition I missed) once I've released on all my platforms. I think more information is always better.

Peter Eisenmann
profile image
I'd love to share my numbers if they were just an ounce less embarrassing.

Micah Hymer
profile image
No need to be embarrassed! There are lessons for indie developers in both success and struggle. It would be great to get insight from a developer who is fighting an uphill sales battle verses reading about a more windfall of success of a game like Shovel Knight. I will be releasing my games sales data once released, although I'm not anticipating any big numbers, but I hope my figures will help paint the overall picture of the indie development scene when blended with others.

Joe Chang
profile image
Great idea, this is a fantastic way for the indie community to help each other out. It's a good way to analyse one's own data. I'll be sure to submit a postmortem once I have some data for my own game (it's still in pre-Kickstarter mode presently)

David Erosa
profile image
I was planning on writing something like that for my game. It still has to get featured on two platforms, but I'll try to write it before that and then another one after the featuring to see if that helps...

Soren Silkenson
profile image
I definitely plan to do this after I've launched my game, Verde Station. Even if it only sells 2 copies I hope that information helps someone else.

I'd actually like to see more sales numbers on games where the developer doesn't consider it a success. It's always fun to hear the success stories but hearing about failures can be even more useful.

Justin Sawchuk
profile image
The people that share there numbers are those that made it, the people that didnt make are essentially starving artists.