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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Blizzard raises  World of Warcraft  subscription prices in the UK
Blizzard raises World of Warcraft subscription prices in the UK
August 18, 2014 | By Mike Rose

August 18, 2014 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Blizzard Entertainment has raised the price of World of Warcraft subscriptions in the UK, citing "changes in light of local and regional market conditions."

In a post on the forums, community moderator Taepsilum noted that monthly subscriptions for the game will soon be bumped up from 8.99 ($15.00) to 9.99 ($16.72), while 90 day and 180 day subscriptions will also rise.

However, the company says that anyone who buys a two-year subscription now at the current price will retain that price until the two years runs out, and suggests players consider this option.

Of course, this price hike comes months after Activision Blizzard admitted that the popular MMO continues to hemorrhage subscribers, with another 200,000 players dropping out during the last quarter.

As you'd expect, players are generally not happy, with numerous taking to the forum post to express concern over the move -- and many are questioning why the price has been upped in the UK, yet no price hike has occurred elsewhere.

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Mantena Raviteja
profile image
meh this sucks

Maartje Groenen
profile image
"-- and many are questioning why the price has been upped in the UK, yet no price hike has occurred elsewhere."

Even with the bumped up prices the UK is still better off than the rest of Europe. Everyone who pays for their subscription in Euros has to pay 12,99 which translates into $17,39. Sure, the prices do not seem fair compaired to America, but when are they ever these days?

Michael Wenk
profile image
Well, that should cut down a few more hundred K subs, and likely lower revenue in general for the region.

Christian Nutt
profile image
Or people will kvetch and then buy the two-year sub to lock-in the price, whereas they might have quit the game...

Or people will kvetch and suck it up...

Seriously, are MMO players sensitive to price adjustments like this? The only research I've really seen on payments amongst GaaS core games is that people complain on forums and then spend the money anyway, and that's also anecdotally what I expect from MMO fans I've been friends with since EverQuest in '99.

Of course I'm QUITE open to more data on this, but would love to know what a realistic prediction of what effect this will have would be.

Isaac Knowles
profile image
At least part of this increase must be a delayed response to the VAT tax increase in 2011. Initially they charged 8.99, 17.5% (or 1.57) of which went to the UK government. The tax rises to 20% in 2011, which is an additional 23p of revenues lost to taxes. Comparing revenues pre-2011 to revenues now after the price hike, they're pulling in an additional 57p per person month: a 7.7% rise off an 11.1% price hike.