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October 21, 2014
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October 21, 2014
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Sony Announces 440,000 PS3s Sold In U.S. Thanksgiving Week
Sony Announces 440,000 PS3s Sold In U.S. Thanksgiving Week
December 1, 2009 | By Staff

December 1, 2009 | By Staff
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Sony has followed in Nintendo's footsteps by revealing holiday U.S. sales for its PlayStation 3 console, with nearly half a million units sold in a single week.

An official statement received by Gamasutra and sent by Sony's Sr. Corporate Communications director Patrick Seybold noted: "The 2009 holiday season got off to an amazing start for PlayStation, with all key retailers showing a significant increase for PS3, PSP and key holiday titles over Black Friday and the holiday weekend."

Specifically, according to Sony, PlayStation 3 demand was "at an all time high", with the system selling more than 440,000 units in the U.S. for the week ending November 29th.

Seybold added: "In today's economy, consumers are drawn to items that offer the most value for their money, making the PS3 an ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive gaming and entertainment system all in one package."

As a reference point, Nintendo announced that American consumers bought more than 1 million units of its Nintendo DS and DSi portable consoles during the week of the Thanksgiving holiday, along with more than half a million Wii consoles -- for the week ending November 28th.

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Yannick Boucher
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So this is falling perfectly in line with:
Investment_For_Publishers_As_Wii_Bubble_Deflates.php .

Kevin Jones
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PS3 sales for the entire month of November 2008 : 378,000

PS3 sales for the Black Friday week alone in 2009 : 440,000

Black Friday week PS3 sales alone trumped all November 2008 PS3 sales by 16%.

For the whole of November, the PS3 could very well sell double PS3 November sales from last year.

Not bad going at all.

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PS3 was actually able to make their brand look new. However they still have a long way to go.

steve roger
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Gotta love the bundle choices. Man, they were great games packed in. As opposed to the Xbox 360 6 title bundle for Best Buy. Did you see the craptacular titles they packed in? I am surprised that Monkey Butt 2 didn't make into the 360 bundle. If you open up that bundle under the Candles or the Tree this year and play those games, it will drive you away from buying more. What was Microsoft thinking? Clearly, not the same thing that Sony was. Sony does have respect for the consumer's taste for quality.

In case you missed it:

An Elite system that includes the following games:

Lego Batman


Sonic the Hedgehog

Spiderman Web of Shadows

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2


Roberto Dillon
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Interesting: so the PS3 is at an "all time high" having sold 440k units in a week while the Wii, which is considered to have "stalled", sold more than 500k! Still a long way to go for Sony....

Russell Carroll
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In the corporate world its not about making money. It's about doing better than before. It's about how you are doing compared to how you did.

You can be losing money hand over fist, but if you are losing less, that is an improvement, so you would be seen in a better light than a company that is making money, but not as much as before, and it's a disaster.

Once you've made a billion, making another billion isn't good enough :(.

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