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October 30, 2014
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EA Phenomic Revives  Ultima  With Browser-Based Strategy Game
EA Phenomic Revives Ultima With Browser-Based Strategy Game
January 26, 2010 | By Eric Caoili

January 26, 2010 | By Eric Caoili

Germany-based BattleForge developer EA Phenomic's latest project is Lord of Ultima, a browser-based title reviving the almost 30-year-old Ultima RPG franchise as an online strategy game.

In Lord of Ultima, players build and manage a unique city in a fantasy setting, interacting with other online gamers doing the same. The mechanics and presentation are similar to Blue Byte Software's The Settlers real-time strategy series, though it takes place in the Ultima universe. The game is currently available to play for free -- albeit as a limited closed beta.

Originally debuted in 1981 and created by Richard "Lord British" Garriott, the Ultima series has seen dozens of releases on PC, home consoles, and handhelds, and a popular online spin-off in the form of Ultima Online. UO was one of the first successful MMORPGs before the genre took off with World of Warcraft, boasting a 250,000+ subscriber base at its peak.

Electronic Arts planned at least two follow-ups to Ultima Online, Ultima Worlds Online: Origin and Ultima X: Odyssey, but terminated both projects as the publisher laid off and eventually shuttered developer Origin Systems. The company, however, released Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn, a free client with updated graphics and a new interface in 2007.

Lord of Ultima's developer EA Phenomic, which was purchased by Electronic Arts in 2006 when it was named Phenomic Game Development, most recently released BattleForge last year, a free-to-play and card-based strategy PC game with microtransactions. Before the acquisition, the studio was best known for its SpellForce strategy and RPG series.

Neither Electronic Arts or EA Phenomic have announced details on Lord of Ultima's full release or planned pricing models.

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Andre Gagne
profile image
I wonder if Richard Garriot is sad he sold of the rights to Ultima now?

Alex Beckers
profile image
I feel like the Guardian must be behind this somehow.

Bertrand Augereau
profile image
Don't know if LB is sad, but I sure am.

After Bethesda's Fallout "interpretation", here is the Ultima online strategy game... sigh...

Is EA really showing Honor, Valor and Compassion, there?

Maurício Gomes
profile image
Noo, I prefer no Ultima than another sucky Ultima... Please, don't make another Ultima 9...

Joshua McDonald
profile image
Actually, the thing that makes me interested in this is not Ultima but Phenomic. Phenomic's last game, Battleforge is, in my opinion, the best RTS since Warcraft III (and it uses a Microtransaction profit model, so you can give the game a good try without spending anything).

I don't know how Ultima-ish the game will be, but I do have confidence in Phenomic's designers to make a good game.

Anatoly Ropotov
profile image
Comes from Volker who made Settlers? AWESOME.

Thomas Lo
profile image
Battleforge was incredibly dense and hard to pick up. It's also hard to take your opinion seriously when you say its the best RTS since WAR III when a little game called Company of Heroes was released since that time.

As for this game, change is hard to accept but Ultima stopped being relevant to PC gaming a decade ago, Better something than nothing.