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July 29, 2014
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July 29, 2014
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Sony, Adobe, Intel Back Flash Game-Friendly Google TV
Sony, Adobe, Intel Back Flash Game-Friendly Google TV
May 20, 2010 | By Kris Graft

May 20, 2010 | By Kris Graft

At the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco Thursday, the web development company introduced Google TV, a web-for-TV platform that could make Flash-based gaming friendlier for the living room.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will be directly integrated into the Google Chrome browser on Google TV, allowing users to access the web's vast library of Flash-based games on their televisions.

While Google did say that Google TV will support Flash-based games, the company did not demonstrate any examples. At the conference, the company used keyboards as an input device. Reports also said users will be able to dictate words via their smart phones instead of using a keyboard.

Google TV is based on the company's Android operating system, currently found in cell phones. Flash game site Kongregate today also announced it partnered with Adobe to bring over 100 of its games to Google's Android mobile platform.

Intel, Sony and Logitech also confirmed support of Google TV. Sony and Logitech said that they will be introducing consumer electronics products based on Google TV and Intel's Atom processor this year.

Via their TV sets, web-goers will be able to use one of these Google TV-enabled devices to search and view over-the-air and pay-TV listings, DVR and the internet. Users can add channels and webpages to their Google TV home site for easier access. Google TV will also support viewing multiple windows simultaneously. (A demo is available here.)

Sony said that it will introduce Google TV-based Sony Internet TV hardware this fall. The hardware line will include TVs with Google TV built in, as well as standalone set-top boxes that include Google TV and a Blu-ray drive.

Logitech will release a "companion box" that will integrate with a user's existing HDTV and set-top box. Along with the box, Logitech will release a remote that combines keyboard and remote control capabilities.

Google added that it would introduce other methods of navigation and control, but did not offer specific examples.

Google said Google TV is "designed to work with any TV operator," but at launch it is "fully optimized when paired with DISH Network," and some features will be limited only to DISH Network.

The company also said that it would soon release a set of TV-specific APIs for web applications so developers can tailor software for television use. An upcoming Android SDK will also support apps built for Google TV.

Google added that it plans to open-source the Google TV platform "to help spur innovation in the industry."

This week during Google's I/O Conference, the company also announced the Chrome Web Store, a new online application storefront exclusively dedicated to web-based programs, including games.

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Carl Chavez
profile image
Interesting, but without a pointing device or analog control, I assume most Flash games for Google TV are going to need to implement alternative control schemes adapted to a TV-remote-style interface? Like, say, up/down/left/right and an ENTER button, so a game could operate as if it was in a browser when the user hits the TAB key?

Wolf Wozniak
profile image

But can we have Chrome for PS3?

The current browser is no bueno.

Mohammad Musa
profile image
After reading the GaiKai CTO interview article today, I can see lots of potential for Google to actually acquire a company like GaiKai. It all fits perfectly with Google's initiatives.

Sony is playing it right by joining. I wonder how far Sony will take this.

Chris Melby
profile image
Carl, here's a demo of it working. They're using a mouse from what I can tell.

To me it looks like another internet set top box, but I'll be interested in seeing more.

Boto Gatas
profile image
I believe Wii (or its successor) should snag Google TV and integrate Wii Channels in it. The Remote would be a terrific interface. I don’t know if Wii’s different processors could run Google TV. Anyone knows?

Boto Gatas
profile image
Plus, as a Nintendo fanboy and a Google fanboy I would love both to join forces! :)

Carl Chavez
profile image
@Chris: thanks! I guess Google's set-top box has some kind of interface for keyboards and mice? That would give Google TV the necessary Flash input capability.

Jarryd Huntley
profile image

Nintendo and Google have already joined forces in Japan.

Boto Gatas
profile image
Thanks for the info, Jarryd!

Out of curiosity, I ran a few searches on Google (and realized I would not do well on the game you showed me):

1º - PSP - 177.000.000 results (aprox.)

2º - Xbox 360 - 168.000.000 (aprox.)

3º - Wii - 153.000.000 (aprox.)

4º - PS3 - 120.000.000 (apox.)

5º - Playstation 3 - 73.800.000 (apox.)

6º - Nintendo DS - 64.600.000 (aprox.)

Jonathan Osment
profile image
I dont believe Flash gaming is here to stay, it is merely the catalyst that will eventually be taken over by another and better suited language/tool/platform. Without Apple on board, we will probably see this happen faster than if left alone.

Caleb Garner
profile image
is anything here to stay? i don't think flash is going to give up without a fight and if they do yeild to some better technology, it's not going to be anytime soon.. while i do use adobe technology and make no claim that flash is perfect in every way for game development, i'm not convinced that apple alone will be able to kill flash by limiting their user experience to their iphone and ipad users.

approaches like HTML5 is still just starting.. it's silly to think some budding tech like that will overtake flash overnight. You think flash 10.1 is the last version they will make? whatever strides other platforms take, flash won't be able to keep pace? Think about it.. these other technologies are trying to achieve what flash is already doing.. so who's in a better position?

Personally I'm thrilled to see this because it's a push back against the ivory tower that "the world revolves around apple".

Now that the number of android OS systems outnumber iPhones that's a great sign that being a flash developer is far from being a dead end. Now i can make web games, android games and even applications via adobe AIR. So much for it being a "closed system".

With the flex SDK and flash develop a game developer really doesn't even have to buy anything from adobe. So it's not like there is some kind of "cost of entry" to make flash games.

My next wish list item for Adobe would be blackberry and WM7 AIR support. especially WM7 as it too will have a market. I'm not sure how well WM7 will do, but the more markets the better.

merging that will be a nice pushback to apple's refusal offer their users an experience that android and many other platforms to enjoy and not even think about..

It's no longer just MS vs Apple.. you also have Sony, Google and Nintendo all vying for a share of the internet and their own platforms. Other players as well I'm sure, but those are some of the more visible ones. So far it's only Apple taking a stand against flash.

I'm sure Apple won't change their mind so long as steve jobs is alive.. of course when he goes, i wonder how long apple will be able to succeed. they failed miserably last time they fired him.

Chris Morris
profile image
There is also of course the to-be-supported Native Client - native C/C++ code running directly in a Chrome browser with no plug-in to download.

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