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August 23, 2014
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August 23, 2014
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E3: PlayStation Move Shipping September
E3: PlayStation Move Shipping September
June 15, 2010 | By Eric Caoili

June 15, 2010 | By Eric Caoili
More: Console/PC

Sony announced that its PlayStation Move motion control system will launch in North America on September 19th, in Europe on September 15th, and Japan on October 21st.

If PS3 owners already own a PlayStation Eye, the camera accessory that tracks the movements of the PS Move controllers, they can purchase the wand controller by itself for $49.99 and the navigation controller for $29.99.

If they don't own a PlayStation Eye, they can buy a bundle that includes the camera accessory, the wand and navigation controllers, a copy of sports collection game Sports Champions for $99.99.

And if consumers are starting from scratch, they will be able to buy a hardware bundle with a 120 GB PS3 system, the controllers, the camera accessory, and a copy of Sports Champions for $399.99.

SCEA plans to have around 15 to 20 titles that support PS Move available on the motion control setup's launch, and a total of 40 PS Move-supporting releases by the holiday season. Some PS Move-supporting titles currently under development include Killzone 3, NBA 2K11, Time Crisis, Echocrome II, SingStar Dance, EyePet, and more.

At the company's E3 press conference, SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton promised that PS Move will bring a "major shift to motion games". He acknowledged that rival platforms Xbox 360 and Wii have their own motion control systems but commented, "The difference comes down to one word: realism."

He then introduced SCEA marketing SVP Peter Dille, who made a point to emphasize the PS Move's combination of a camera with a controller, which he said gave it an advantage over the Xbox 360's Kinect camera-only motion control system. Dille argued that to provide a realistic experience, buttons on a controller are "critical to precision."

The marketing exec then noted that some 40 developers and publishers are working on PS Move products before bringing in The Workshop's Christian Busic to demonstrate an exclusive PS Move title: Sorcery. The 3D action game featured a young magician with a wand that users could direct and move to cast different spells.

EA Sports's Andrew Wilson then took the stage to demonstrate Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11's 1-to-1 controls with the wand. The already released title will add support for PlayStation Move with an forthcoming update -- as will Toy Story 3, Heavy Rain, and Resident Evil Gold Edition.

Sony also debuted a new game called Heroes On The Move, a 3D action game featuring a collection of six characters from various PlayStation franchises: Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Bentley, and Sly -- all of which use their trademark weapons and equipment, controlled with the PS Move wand and navigation accessories.

Finally, the platform holder announced a partnership with the Coca-Cola Company to highlight the PS Move and PlayStation 3 in around 130 million packages of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite. Consumers who buy the branded drinks will be able to win games like EA Active, NBA 2K11, and Tron Evolution.

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Ian Uniacke
profile image
The move needs to be half that price. That is all I have to say.

Maurício Gomes
profile image
Indeed, it is a bit expensive, but it beats the crap out of Natal...

Victor Reynolds
profile image
how does it beat kenic? you buy one piece of hardware, and you can support 4 much money do you have to drop to do the same with move? Dont forget the nun-chucks for "real" games.

Victor Reynolds
profile image
pay close attention...if we were talking about 1 player playing move, it wouldn't be a big deal, the price of the 2 is about the same for me (i have a ps3, but no eyetoy) However, as I said, if i were to buy kenic, I wouldn't need any additional hardware to play with my gf, or any of my friends. I cant say the same with move. Its the wii all over again. Looking at most of the titles for both motion controllers, they are going for casual/party games, aka more than 1 player to play.

Also, i dont buy all those unnecessary things like a wifi adapter for my 360, but extra move controllers ARE necessary to have fun with these types of games. This is on top of a pretty large price point for just Wii-HD games.

Victor Reynolds
profile image
oh, one more point, the thing about kenic is that you can still use it with a normal controller with it, so you can still get tactile feedback. It just depends on how developers make use of the new hardware.

with that said, I'm probably not gonna get either...maybe when they are super cheap I'll take the plunge....maybe.

Merc Hoffner
profile image
Arguing the cost merits of Move vs Natal, erm, Kinetic, umm, Kinect, is a little bit redundant. They're both too expensive as unnecessary add ons. The Wiimote beats both hands down on outright standard acceptability, and without that, they'll relatively be left twisting in the wind. I mean, Move includes an add on to an add on to an add on for Pete's sake - that's fragmentary. If you're going to account properly, then don't forget that a Wiimote with motion plus and a wii remote comes with every Wii sold, that Move requires a camera on top (forgot about that, didn't you!), and that a new 'non-core' Xbox purchaser will certainly need at least 1 extra real controller as almost all of the multiplayer games available to them wil still demand one.

Rodrigo Cordeiro
profile image
Kinect is the next level! Not another stick in hand... simple as that...

Doug Poston
profile image
People complain about anything and everything, it's what people do.

If it was free, people would complain that it doesn't match the color of their TV. ;)

IMHO, the cost for either product (assuming the Kinect is $150 or less) doesn't feel too high. They're priced similarly to other successful peripherals released this generation (Wii Fit and the Rock Band Instruments).

I don't think cost will be much of an issue. They just need at least one 'Killer Ap' to succeed.

Aaron Truehitt
profile image
Yes, they will both need a killer game to go with them to succeed or they will just float off and be forgotten like the EyeToy.

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