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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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Activision To Publish Eutechnyx's  NASCAR 2011
Activision To Publish Eutechnyx's NASCAR 2011
September 23, 2010 | By Kyle Orland

September 23, 2010 | By Kyle Orland
More: Console/PC

Gamasutra sources can independently confirm internet reports that Activision will take control of the NASCAR license with the upcoming release of NASCAR 11.

Sources close to the situation have told Gamasutra that Eutechnix will develop and Activision will publish the next title in the long-running NASCAR franchise, which was for years controlled by Electronic Arts.

An anonymous post on the EA Sports forums cites "an inside source from NASCAR" suggesting the game could hit stores two weeks before next year's Daytona 500, which is scheduled for Feb. 20. Gamasutra could not confirm this report.

The NASCAR brand had been an important part of the EA Sports lineup since 1997, with the company devoting an entire studio to the franchise in 2007.

Following the early 2009 release of NASCAR Kart Racing, though, EA Sports President Peter Moore has told Gamespot "there are no plans right now for NASCAR from EA."

Eutechnyx, the company behind racing titles like Test Drive Le Mans, Big Mutha Truckers and SuperCar Challenge, recently received a 6 million ($9.25 million) investment from Dutch VC firm Prime Technology Ventures.

The developer, which is currently working on driving MMO Auto Club Revolution, hired away EA Sports NASCAR veteran Ed Martin back in March.

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stacey evans
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Momentum module, the high line having the ability to run better for momentum, tracks with high lines should be able to use them, tracks that are low line only should feel that way, speeds should be more realistic, driving should feel more realistic and harder, throttle control being how you steer the car, THE ABILITY TO PAINT A CAR AND UPLOAD IT TO A SITE SO THAT ANYONE ON THE GAME CAN SEE IT NO MATTER WHAT, realistic feel in the braking system, tracks actually having bumps all over, bump drafting taking more skill but not causing as drastic of effects as before, better cockpit views and spotters allowing in car camera to be usable, realistic effects of car changes, victory lane and celebrations even online where everyone can see the celebration, more in depth controls in game modes, larger available rooms online to race with, more host controls: flag control, location yellows on road courses, driving down pit road, changing pit road speed for the race, available to include or not include restrictor plates on any track or car and customization of how large the restrictor plate is, a grip module that changes as a race progresses forcing to move to different lines, ability to customize butttons to do different funtions, including possibly having a certain button that acts as a "shift" on a keyboard so that there can be more functions and slots available to use, such as pit road adjustments, brake bias adjustments, a clutch, bringing up a running order, showing laps of the running order or just your own, showing your average lap, fuel milage remaining, tire wear, being able to save fuel, save tires or wear tires more, blown tires and realitic damage, bringing in just more and more realism and user control to give users more freedom to act with, having a starting command, driving under cautions, allowing to turn on or off almost any given control such as pit road speed limit, driving on pit road or under caution, or if the computer does it on its own, being able to change that when you set the room up, weather changes, possibility of rain shortened races or rain delays, red flags, debree, FIXED SETUP RACES, damage having more realistic effects, driving through the infield!, and a very in depth, lots of different ways to vary rules and points systems and schedule, league setup: this could have many many many many controls to it, including a messaging system, schedule setup, race lengths, custom points system, custom everything possible, fixed setups or open setups, race lengths, weather possibilities including putting a 30% chance of rain or a 90% chance of rain and random mechanical failures on or off, debree on or off, theres just so so so so much you can do with this, please do a good job putting all of these into consideration if you were to read this, these aren't just random ideas, these are things i've thought of for years and everyone i've talked with agrees, more depth and more customization along with better racing and realism is what we ALL want, and even throw in a demo derby mode ONLINE and multiplayer OFFLINE coming back, these would be things everyone wants, demo derby could have tons of different rules, being a race of wrecks, or just in the infield, pit road, tunnels, on the track, and last car standing wins, being able to get out of the car and throw something at a car thats wrecked you in a race and have a ?% chance of harming the car in some possible way, being able to watch your driving get into the care center, BEING ABLE TO PULL YOUR CAR INTO THE GARAGE AND VICTORY LANE PLEASE,

BASICALLY, all we want is more realism, more user control, more depth in the game and the little things that make it seem "cool", more side by side racing, more control on rules and how things are set up in the room when you host them, more control when running a room during the race, more CUSTOMIZATION in all aspects of the game, and more fun is the result.