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July 28, 2014
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July 28, 2014
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Nielsen: iPod Touch, iPad Outpace Game Systems On Kids' Want Lists
Nielsen: iPod Touch, iPad Outpace Game Systems On Kids' Want Lists
November 22, 2010 | By Kyle Orland

November 22, 2010 | By Kyle Orland

Apple's game-playing iPad and iPod Touch are among the most-desired electronics items among children aged six to 12, according to a new survey from the Nielsen company.

A full 31 percent of children surveyed in the October study said they were interested in buying an iPad in the next six months, while a similar 29 percent of children wanted an iPod Touch.

The Nintendo DS was the highest-ranking traditional console among young children with 25 percent interested in a pending purchase, followed by the PlayStation 3 at 21 percent. The Wii was on the list of 18 percent of those in the group, while the Xbox 360 trailed way behind among the children's survey, with only 12 percent interest, respectively.

The iPad was also a popular planned purchase among those 13 and older, with 18 percent of those surveyed saying they intended to buy one in the next six months. The iPod Touch was significantly less popular with older respondents, desired by only 11 percent of the survey group.

The survey also found a significant age gap in interest in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. While 20 percent of young children were interested in purchasing one in the next six months, only 6 percent of those 13 and over expressed such interest.

The Wii was the most popular soon-to-purchase console among the older group, with 15 percent planning to buy one soon, followed by the PS3 at 13 percent and the Xbox 360 at nine percent.

Despite healthy sales so far, the Xbox 360 Kinect fared fairly badly among both age groups, with only 14 percent of six to 12 years olds and eight percent of those 13 and older intending to purchase one, well behind rates for other game-playing hardware. The PlayStation Move fared only slightly better, attracting interest from 17 percent of young children and nine percent of the older group.

The PlayStation Portable finished near the bottom of both age groups interest as well, with 14 percent of children and 5 percent of those over 12 looking to buy one.



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Christer Kaitila
profile image
Please look up the *sample size*, an important consideration.

I wonder... what would the numbers be if the question didn't use the word "purchase" and instead stated the more likely interest in "being given" or "asking for". After all, how many six year olds purchase anything, ever?

Fábio Bernardon
profile image
I also wonder how many of the kids already have one of the given HW. For instance, someone with a DS (very likely) will not be interested in purchasing another one, but would opt for something he does not have (an iphone or ipod, for instance).

Giro Maioriello
profile image
But the DS has sold more than either the PS3 or the 360, but the 6-12 age group it ranks higher than both.

The same is true of the Wii in the 13+ age group.

And apparently the PS3 is more desirable in 6-12 age group than in the 13+ age group?

Ian Uniacke
profile image
"And apparently the PS3 is more desirable in 6-12 age group than in the 13+ age group?"

It is surprising to me to, but i wonder if it's the effect of young kids are more influenced by their parents likes?

Eric Geer
profile image
What would 6 to 13 year olds do with an iPad?---probably break it--and whos paying for it? And why would parents get a child an iPad or a Smartphone?--where they can get access to all kinds of goodies that parents don't want them to get into.

The kids don't know what they are missing with the DS and PSP.

Another problem with the iPad is its just too big--who wants to carry that thing around?

David Clair
profile image
Everytime i see E-Reader.. i can't help but picture the GBA add on unit!! Maybe Nintendo to release an updated version as according to these charts there is pretty high interest.. lol (I kid, i kid)