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April 22, 2019
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Get a job: Heart Machine is hiring a Quality Assurance Lead  
by Staff [04.10.19]
Heart Machine is after someone who can catch and address problems quickly and effectively, can communicate with anyone on the team to get results, and has a deep understanding of our production process.
Indie, Production, Recruitment

Ubisoft CEO: Live games give devs a chance to refine rather than start from scratch 3
by Alissa McAloon [04.10.19]
Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot explores the company's trend toward live games and the company's habit of improving a game over rather than "redoing everything each year."
Console/PC, Social/Online

Don't Miss: Crafting the bizarre, off-kilter gameworld of Little Nightmares  
by Alissa McAloon [04.10.19]
"We want it to feel like you could almost reach into the rooms and touch things, but maybe also wonder whether you should," says Little Nightmare's's senior narrative designer Dave Mervik.
Console/PC, Indie, Design

Survey: More teenagers are getting into video games because of Fortnite  
by Alissa McAloon [04.10.19]
A survey from Piper Jaffray says that Fortnite has both boosted teen game spending overall and attracted a handful of first-time-players to video games.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

PlayStation launches PSN ID change option, though not all games are supported 1
by Alissa McAloon [04.10.19]
The PSN ID name changes first previewed late last year are set to go live for all PlayStation 4 users this week, though there are some caveats in the full rollout.
Console/PC, Social/Online

Chat with Falcon Age creative director Chandana Ekanayake at 3PM ET  
by Bryant Francis [04.10.19]
Outerloop Games co-founder Chandana "Eka" Ekanayake is taking your questions starting at 3PM ET about the making of Falcon Age.
VR, Console/PC, Design, Video

Report: 13 devs laid off from NantG as Z1 Battle Royale handed back to Daybreak  
by Alissa McAloon [04.10.19]
Update A former NantG dev says the cuts affected roughly half of the studio's workforce, leaving 13 developers that left Daybreak to transition to NantG last year without jobs.

YouTube wants to make choose-your-own-adventure shows  
by Chris Kerr [04.10.19]
It's interesting to see YouTube experiment with the gamification of more traditional media, given it's only been a few months since fellow media outfit Netflix began doing the same.
Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Blog: Tips on writing code for data-oriented design 4
by Gamasutra Community [04.10.19]
Relic Entertainment game engine programmer Marc Costa explains his personal preferences on writing code for data-oriented design instead of object-oriented design.
Programming, Design

Vampyr has surpassed 1 million sales in 10 months  
by Chris Kerr [04.10.19]
The title, which lets players experience the ups and downs of life as a bamboozled bloodsucker, hit the milestone in around 10 months. 
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

How to effectively use procedural generation in games 4
by Darius Kazemi [04.10.19]
In this rich excerpt from "Procedural Storytelling in Game Design," developer and proc-gen expert Darius Kazemi shares some ways to use procedural generation more effectively in game development.
Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Design

Video: Creating the visceral and compelling action of Devil May Cry 5  
by Staff [04.09.19]
Three minds behind Devil May Cry 5 offer a look at the team's development process, walking through how they work backward from player experience to create a compelling cast, world, and gameplay
Console/PC, Design, Video, Vault

Get a job: Digital Extremes is hiring a PR Manager for Warframe  
by Staff [04.09.19]
The team is looking for someone to help plan, produce and execute world-class strategic PR initiatives to broaden the awareness of Warframe, its amazing community, and the company’s other products.
Console/PC, Production, Recruitment

Charting the missteps that led to the decline of Telltale Games 2
by Alissa McAloon [04.09.19]
The full story published on Game Informer is an important read, and one that charts the life and eventual missteps of the prolific studio and through the voices of the developers that created its games.
Console/PC, Production

Don't Miss: A 2008 analysis of branching dialogue, from Mass Effect to Facade and beyond 10
by Gamasutra Community [04.09.19]
In an in-depth Gamasutra analysis piece, Brent Ellison looks at the universe and history of player-NPC dialogue in games, analyzing titles from Mass Effect through Facade to The Sims and beyond.

Blog: Showcasing a game as a solo dev at GDC 2019  
by Gamasutra Community [04.09.19]
I went to GDC for the first-time to show off my surreal adventure RPG with the Indie MEGABOOTH, all while traveling and exhibiting alone. Sounds intense, yeah? Here's how it went.

Fortnite un-features community build containing inappropriate imagery 1
by Alissa McAloon [04.09.19]
It's a very slight bump in the road for Epic and a reminder to other devs of the additional moderation needed when features that highlight user-made content are brought into the mix.
Console/PC, Social/Online

Black Desert franchise has crossed $1 billion in gross sales  
by Chris Kerr [04.09.19]
Developer Pearl Abyss announced the news earlier today, and explained the series now has 18 million registers users in over 150 countries across PC, mobile and Xbox One.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Blog: The not so simple secrets to making good tutorials 3
by Gamasutra Community [04.09.19]
Tutorial design can be very hard for designers to wrap their head around, but we're going to talk about some basic concepts to understand when trying to teach a player about your game.

Retro streaming platform picks up Arc System Works, SNK, others  
by Chris Kerr [04.09.19]
Those deals include the rights to popular franchises like Double Dragon, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, Gridrunner, and Metal Slug
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing