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October 24, 2014
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Move Outsells Kinect Nearly 2:1 In Japan In 2010
Move Outsells Kinect Nearly 2:1 In Japan In 2010
April 11, 2011 | By Kris Graft

Sony's PlayStation Move motion-sensing controller for PlayStation 3 outsold Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect sensor by nearly two-to-one in Japan in 2010, according to Media Create.

In the region, the Move sold 170,000 units last year, compared to the Kinect, which sold 90,000 units in Japan, the tracking firm said in a blog post translated by Andriasang (both figures include bundles). The Move launched in October last year in Japan, while the Kinect launched in November.

On a weekly basis in Japan, the PS3 regularly outsells the Xbox 360, which has a smaller overall install base in the region, resulting in a smaller addressable market for add-ons like the Kinect.

Sony said in November last year that its Move had shipped 4.1 million units worldwide in the device's first two months of availability. More recently, Microsoft said it had sold 10 million Kinects globally through the end of February.

The Media Create report also said the PS3's Torne digital video recorder add-on sold 784,000 units in Japan last year from its March 2010 debut. Nintendo's red March 25th anniversary Wii -- released in November -- sold over 97,000 units last year.

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Ujn Hunter
profile image
This isn't actually a bad stat... considering the PS3 probably outsells the Xbox 360 10 to 1 in Japan... Anyone have any stats on those numbers?

Chris Edge-Alexander
profile image
Also be interesting to see the ratio between Kinect/Move as an accessory purchase vs Kinect/Move as a new Console bundle purchase.

Would give an indication of take-up due to the motion controller being present.

Dan Edward
profile image

Closer to 15:1 currently. I agree that this seems to reflect poorly on Move for Sony, though clearly Kinect doesn't seem to be be positively impacting console sales in Japan.

Martin Crownover
profile image
According to VG Chartz (I know, I know...) the PS3 outsells the Xbox in Japan by over 4:1. So with Move outselling Kinect there by only about 2:1, that's not very impressive to me.

Jamie Mann
profile image
According to VGChartz (so take with a pinch of salt), the console install base in Japan is as follows:

PS3: 6.51 million

X360: 1.48 million

As such, Martin is pretty much spot on: the X360 install base may be much smaller, but a higher percentage of X360 owners have gone out to buy the Kinect, as compared to PS3 owners buying Move (approx. 5% of X360 owners, vs 2.4% of PS3 owners).

In fact, given that you have to buy multiple Move controllers for multiplayer (whereas Kinect supports 4 players out of the box), the situation may be even worse for Sony. For instance, if a third of Move owners have bought two controllers, that would mean that there's only around 135,000 Move installs in the country...

Thomas Nocera
profile image
Thoughtful analysis, Jamie. Add to it that the Move had been on the market in Japan a month longer compared to the November 2010 Kinect introduction.

Ben Rice
profile image
I'm curious why this analysis isn't made for PS3 games released in the US. The only mention of it was a recent Gama article, which clearly showed the ratio of multi-platform games selling less units than the 360, but almost entirely at a better ratio per console sold.

I'm not inciting anything, but I find it interesting the 360 seems to be the exception to the rule (especially with Sony's bad press lately).

Prash Nelson-Smythe
profile image
Everyone is right that you would expect Move to sell more than Kinect in Japan because of the given install bases.

BUT, the main purpose of these add-ons is to boost the install bases of the underlying platform. Selling the add-on to existing customers was always secondary. Their sales need to be looked at with this in mind.

So with this information you could say that Microsoft failed to expand its install base enough to gain significant platform market share over Sony (never mind Nintendo) in Japan.

Ron Dippold
profile image
Given PS3 has 4x more consoles in Japan than X360 this is pretty good.

On the other hand, how many of these are sales to male PC owners who just want to be pretty pretty Miku princesses on their PC?

Ryan Sizemore
profile image
You know I actually find this post to be a win for the Kinect, not the Move. Mainly for the fact that the Kinect is more expensive than the Move controller, and you only need to buy one of them unlike the Move where some game require you to use two or you might need extras for friends. I would have expected the Move to sell even more for these reasons and the fact that their are more PS3s in Japan than 360s. With the low popularity of the 360 in Japan, I find that number to be impressive when compared to the Move sales.