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October 25, 2014
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October 25, 2014
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Capcom:  Resident Evil 3D  Save Data Controversy Likely Will Not Happen Again
Capcom: Resident Evil 3D Save Data Controversy Likely Will Not Happen Again
July 4, 2011 | By Mike Rose

Capcom has stated that, as a result of the gamer uproar following the revelation that its Nintendo 3DS title Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D would not allow users to reset save data, it will not be putting this feature into future titles.

Last week it was revealed that saved data on Resident Evil 3D game carts cannot be reset. Gamers accused publisher Capcom of removing the feature in an attempt to curb used game sales, but the publisher said that this was in no way a business decision.

As the game was released later in the week, some retailers decided that they would not be accepting trade-ins of the title, with GameStop then later flip-flopping on its decision.

Talking as part of a live video feed on the Capcom site, Capcom VP Christian Svensson explained that the company would not be implementing this system again in light of the controversy it has caused.

"I think it's fair to say there was never quite the malicious intent that the conspiracy theorists out there would have you believe, he said.

"I think it's also fair to say that in light of the controversy it's generated, I don't think you're going to see something like this happening again."

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Chris Valdez
profile image
I wonder if there'll be a re-issue of the game without these "feature" later on.

Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN
profile image
What even -is- the reason you cannot create new save files?

Silly stuff like this is why people use EmulatoZ. They have way more features than the actual console version

Adam Piotuch
profile image
No, most people use emulators because they don't want to spend any money, and are willing to illegally pirate games for enjoyment. Emulators are almost never better than console versions.

Tiago Raposo
profile image
Apart from the very rare cases where the owner of the console wants to play his legal games with higher resolution, texture filtering and maybe cheats on a PC, you're pretty much right.

kevin wright
profile image
who was the genius that thought this would be a viable "feature" to add to the experience? Probably some exec they hired recently with a background in marketing he honed while working at Nestle's; and as we all know, games and candy bars are the same....

It probably went something like this:

Executive Producer: "Let's make each copy of the game unique in play. How can we do that?"

Marketing Director:"We'll just make each copy with explicit game saves; call it a feature! And bonus: If they want to play from a fresh start again they'll have to buy a new copy. We'll sell em like candy bars. And everyone knows you can only eat a candy bar once..."

Executive Producer: "Oh, that is EFFING brilliant!!!"

(Scene closes; truck out as executive producer and marketing director continue to complement each other's brilliance; fade to black).

Andrew Witt
profile image
"I think it's fair to say there was never quite the malicious intent that the conspiracy theorists out there would have you believe".

Sorry, guy, I don't believe you there. Give me an explanantion as to why you actually implemented that design element that doesn't sound like a PR spin.

Todd Boyd
profile image
This. They say there wasn't any malicious reason, and yet they give no reason of any kind whatsoever. Why else would you prevent anyone from starting the game over from scratch with a new saved file, if not to eliminate the possibility of "lost" retail through reselling the cart? (...which is a bullshit idea to begin with, BTW)

Nick Kinsman
profile image
Call me naive, but I suspect it was never intended to be such a malicious thing. Everybody seems to want to jump on the bandwagon of hating a big company, but this seems so minor to me. They tried something, and it failed. The backlash happened. Woo ... I feel it was overblown on most fronts myself. It's not like the game ever stopped working, or you were charged $10 to access online content every time it changed hands. All the unlock system ever served for in the Mercenaries game was forcing you to do well in one level before you could play another, and I honestly feel it's such a dumb point it works both ways - it's so simple, why COULDN'T they include it? But why is it such a big deal that they didn't?

I really feel this one is better left with us being happy they listened and respected the opposition. It was minor, it stopped before something bigger, and that's good enough.

Mark Ludlow
profile image
There doesn't seem to be any truth behind the logic they claim though. There is no reason to have a single save just to force a player to try and better themselves. If a player wants to do that then they will do that with a deletable save while those that want the whole experience over can do that too.

The reason people are so passionate over this is because a fixed save doesn't do any of what they are purporting it is there for, it's just limiting things and looks very much like a way to lock people in.

Kudos to Capcom though for respecting their audience and stepping back from this.

Jeremy Reaban
profile image
If it were any other company than Capcom, the denial would be more believable. But they are by far the least consumer friendly company, at least in the console business.

Their DRM on their PSN games, for instance. People couldn't play their games when PSN was down.

kevin wright
profile image

It isn't about hating the big company-

to be VERY clear, this is not the first example of this development behavior from Capcom- super monkey ball was also set this way. I also remember WAY back in the day games Strider, Maximo and a few others; there are more, but these exhibited varying degrees of bad design elements that impeded upon consumer experience (and btw, some of these games had amazing elements as well). My point is Capcom has a long and storied history with this behavior.

So as this is not a one time occurence, their admitting this was a bad idea is NOT a form of Altruism worthy of congratulation/adulation- it is not.They are being reactive, instead of proactive, and from a group that has been around as long as Capcom, let's be super honest. They DO know better.

Eric Geer
profile image
Good. If this feature was included in other games I would skip them as well. I was actually excited about RE-Mercenaries....but I skipped. Sometimes after I've played through a game...I like to delete and start fresh. This is hindering not only on used games but even for the initial purchaser. I call Shinanigans on Capcom for not thinking that this was going to be a problem.(I think that they thought this through very well from the start)