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April 16, 2014
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April 16, 2014
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Sony Online Entertainment Unveils  PlanetSide 2 , Beta To Come
Sony Online Entertainment Unveils PlanetSide 2, Beta To Come
July 8, 2011 | By Mike Rose

July 8, 2011 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled PlanetSide 2, a follow-up to the original first-person shooter MMO that first launched in 2003.

It was already known that Sony was working on a sequel to PlanetSide, as it cancelled work on the long-awaited The Agency in March to focus on the upcoming MMO.

Now details regarding the game have been released. A FAQ section on the official PlanetSide 2 boasts "Battles [that] take place not between dozens of troops, but thousands; with air and ground vehicles slugging it out alongside squads of troops."

The game features an online persistent war between different factions of players, skill trees to unlock, multiple different roles and a "free-form class-based system."

The overall story follows three factions -- Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty -- as each vies to take control of the planet through pushing back the opposition and shifting the balance of power in their favor.

SOE also notes that there will be both air and land-based vehicles for players to take control of during combat.

The company also said that the game runs on SOE's Forgelight MMO engine, and utilizes Nvidia's PhysX for PlanetSide 2's physics engine.

No details regarding the business model for the game are given, nor is any kind of release date set. However, it is stated that the game will receive a beta period at some point.

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Simon Ludgate
profile image
Oh no, classes? That Planetside was classless was one of its strongest points.

Kris Graft
profile image
Hi Simon. An SOE announcement just arrived and calls it a "free-form class-based system." Not too sure what that means though!

Simon Ludgate
profile image
From what I gather, your "abilities" are defined by your class but you can change your class any time, kind of like Day of Defeat / Enemy Territory. So that seems to put the kibosh on Planetside's classless system where you can mix and match any certification and instead presents players with fixed groupings of certs :(

Glenn Sturgeon
profile image
I was intrested in playing the 1st PS, but it seems from what i remember it launched at $50.?

Theres pretty much no way i'll pay $50 to buy a game then pay a subscription to play.

I ended up kinda forgetting about it since last gen was actualy exciting for console gaming along with the fact i was still playing Quake3A for my PC FPS fix.