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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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Report: Half Of Netflix Subscribers Stream Through Consoles
Report: Half Of Netflix Subscribers Stream Through Consoles
July 27, 2011 | By Kyle Orland

A new survey of Netflix subscribers finds half of them streaming TV and movie content through a home video game console, with half of those users using the Wii as a Netflix streaming box.

The Nielsen report, based on 12,000 online interviews conducted in March, determined that 25 percent of Netflix subscribers were using the Wii to stream video content, with 13 percent using a PS3 and 12 percent using Xbox Live for the same purpose.

The report follows on a May study that found Netflix usage on consoles was responsible for 20 percent of all North American internet bandwidth usage during peak periods.

Nintendo revealed earlier this month that 1.5 million people use Netflix on the Wii every day.

Hulu Plus has not been nearly as popular on game systems, according to Nielsen, with only 3 percent of all Hulu users saying they use the service on a PS3, and 2 percent using it on Xbox Live.

(Surprisingly, 3 percent of Hulu users in the survey said they used the service on their Wii, even though it is not officially offered on the console).

Streaming video through consoles is still less popular than watching directly on a computer for both services, according to the report, with 42 percent of Netflix users and 89 percent of Hulu users using computers for access.

A significant 14 percent of Netflix users and 20 percent of Hulu users reported watching the services through a computer hooked up to a TV.


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Ed Alexander
profile image
Seems like it would be in their best interest to cater to these customers by having a streamable library that is comparable to their DVD library.


Alan Rimkeit
profile image
This, nuff said...

thay thay
profile image
Netflix would love to stream everything but the hollywood studios won't allow that.

Alan Youngblood
profile image
Yep, the only use left for the Wii for the average consumer. A recent meeting I had with a longer term industry vet compared the device to a fondue set: they're great fun when you pull them out once or twice a year, but otherwise they sit around collecting dust.

Sad that Nintendo still ignores Operation Rainfall which would give people something other than Netflix to use on the console.

The digital distribution mainstreaming like with Netflix, has forever changed the way people consume media. Hollywood studios as well as game studios need to get with the times. Access > ownership for the new consumer.

Aaron Truehitt
profile image
All I hear people use Wii for is Zumba or Netflix.

Eric Feliu
profile image
The Wii gets used daily for games in my household. I play games on it from time to time myself. My children (aged 12 - 17) play it way more than the XBox360 which we also own. I don't believe the usage in my home is any different from other households with children.

Actually netflix is better on the 360 since you can do HD. So the people that use the Wii for Netflix are probably not gamers/tech savy to begin with. They probably purchased the Wii because they heard it was popular.

Baron Zemm
profile image
And yet when I try and query the internet as to why my PS3 netflix UI suddenly changed from easy to use to "super clunky" all I find is posts from other people complaining about the same thing. Tis a shame that the UI makes the service so hard to use. I would hazard to guess that its designed that way simply to make you spend less time streaming and more time navigating the interface.