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April 17, 2014
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Speculation Surrounds September 3DS Trade Conference
Speculation Surrounds September 3DS Trade Conference
August 23, 2011 | By Mike Rose

August 23, 2011 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Nintendo said Tuesday it will hold a special conference next month in Tokyo, just days prior to the high-profile Tokyo Game Show, that will focus solely on the future of its 3DS handheld console.

The Nintendo Conference will be held on September 13, and comes just a month after the company slashed the price of the stereoscopic 3D-display handheld worldwide.

The announcement of the upcoming trade-only conference fuels speculation that the company is preparing to unveil something notable for the 3DS, which as of yet has not sold as well as Nintendo had hoped. Company stocks were up 8.4 percent to 13,100 yen ($170.57) on news of the conference.

Indeed, a number of Japanese key executives at Nintendo took pay cuts in July as a result of the underperforming 3DS sales.

Talking to The Wall Street Journal, Nikko Cordial Securities analyst Eiji Maeda said, "A new product is something the company badly needs right now."

However, the price cut has ignited strong sales, at least in the short term. Following the price cut two weeks ago, the console saw a huge sales spurt in Japan, with 196,077 units sold in the week after the drop.

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Eric Geer
profile image
This is the speculation that's flying around the interwebs:

E Zachary Knight
profile image
What is the gaming community's obsession with dual analog sticks? I don't think that is healthy. Sure it helps with FPS games, but that is one genre out of dozens.

My prediction is they are planning a new model with a better battery life and announcing some games for the Holiday season.

Eric Kwan
profile image
@Ephriam: One of my biggest gripes with Wii platformers, like Super Mario Galaxy, is that there is no intuitive way (or often no way at all) to control the camera while also being able to move your character around. This is not a Wii-exclusive problem, of course (the Metal Gear Solid games on PSP also have the same issue), but it is one that I feel that newer systems should not have, as it is easily solved with a second analog stick. The lack of a right stick does not make these games unplayable, per se, but the inclusion of it would make them better.

On the other hand, I have found twin-stick shooters, like Geometry Wars, to be unplayable and way less fun when there is no right stick for shooting.

EDIT: And just for posterity, I've been playing games since well before the introduction of the right stick, and I don't play FPS games, either.

Ben Alford
profile image
Analog movement in conjunction with touch screen control for left handed people is why a second analog stick matters.

I was hoping Nintendo would redesign the 3DS with a second analog stick before it came out because I am left handed. I wrote about this in the past.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
Maybe its because I am not left handed, but how does that change anything? I am seriously asking. I want to understand.

Do games that don't use an analog stick allow you to swap basic controls (example: putting movement onto the a/b/x/y and actions to the d-pad) I don't recall any game that allows for that. But I don't look at the control customization very often.

I can understand that games for the Wii would be a problem for lefties as most games assume the player is holding the Wii Remote in their right hand and the nunchuck in the left. Which I think is a bit wrong.

Ujn Hunter
profile image
@Ephriam Knight: You are assuming everyone is Right Handed. Lefties need analog sticks on the other side! Dual analog sticks solves this issue. The original DS solved the problem by being symmetrical, 4 buttons laid out like a d-pad on either side.

Edit: High five Ben Alford! I can't play Wii games because of being Left Handed... how do you cope?

Ben Alford
profile image
It isn't that DS games required one to change the options for left handed control (unless you are holding it book-style) but rather they just mirrored the input of the d-pad/left trigger to the right buttons/trigger. I know there were one or two games (that I played) that assumed the player was right handed on the DS but I can't recall them with much certainty right now. It typically revolved around having the player switch between buttons for action input and stylus for action input (which is a game design faux pas for me at least).

I actually don't have a problem with using the Wii Remote/Nunchuck combo, though I do see why some do. I chalk this up to using PCs with mice on the right side for so long. I don't play console shooters "southpaw" either, again, probably because console controllers always had movement on the left side.

I wrote with a pencil long before I used a DS/3DS though.

Jason Withrow
profile image
Mid-September is after the NES games are given to "Ambassadors" so I really can't think of any leads. I know that there's rumours swimming about Kingdom Hearts 3D being at TGS after it missed E3, and Mario comes out not long after TGS, so along with Kid Icarus, maybe Nintendo's just planning to showcase the long-awaited suite of games designed for the system that just haven't come out yet.

Louis Sedeno
profile image
My speculation is Poke'mon (insert a vibrant colour) 3D. I still think that would have been the smart thing to do at N3DS launch.