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October 26, 2014
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October 26, 2014
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EA: Over 5M Gamers Registered With Origin
EA: Over 5M Gamers Registered With Origin
October 19, 2011 | By Mike Rose

Electronic Arts has revealed that its Origin digital game distribution service currently has over five million registered users.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, EA COO and industry veteran Peter Moore explained that, despite launching only four months ago, the service has seen respectable user numbers.

"Like any piece of software, and I worked at Microsoft for enough years to say this, you launch software and continue to polish it, upgrade it, get feedback and make it better," he explained.

"That's where we are with Origin. We're only four and a half months in and already over five million people are using it..."

The company said last month that Origin had seen a total of four million installs of the client.

EA CFO Eric Brown also revealed that third-party content will be available via Origin "very soon." The service currently only supplies EA-published games.

[UPDATE: This story originally stated that Origin saw 5 million daily users, owing to a misquote from the original source story.]

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Harry Fields
profile image
Here's some feedback in the wrong channel, EA. Forcing Origin on us to play BF3 or SWTOR may help with distribution, but your app still sucks. Take a good, hard look at what makes Steam superior and maybe you can do something with it before you end up inevitably pulling the plug on it. Sometimes I'd like to come down there and knock someone over the head with a foam bat. EA sports season pass? Really? Online pass? Really? Pulling the online plug on two year old games? Really? It's like you have a couple of 20-sided dice making your business decisions. Foster cohesive ecosystems and communities while focusing on quality *providing value to the consumer* and you'll get there and earn some brand capital along the way. Never before has there been a publisher with so many opportunities in possession of so much IP that squanders it with crap executive decisions.... Sad, really.

Andrew Egelhofer
profile image
My problem with origin stems deeper than having to use another service for my digitally purchased games. For an online distribution to work (and probably why people enjoy steam so much) is you need to let your customers re-download your game when ever you want. I believe I read somewhere (I'll patiently wait for "the Internet" to correct me :)) origin doesn't let you re-download *your* game you've purchased after a year. I immagine they'll let you... for a fee. Yes I know iTunes doesn't let you re-download after purchase, but music is far easier to store on dvds than games are. Harry also points out a fear of mine, pulling the plug on older games and not supporting them anymore. I'm sure we're at EA's will when we select "I agree" to Origin's terms of use when you sign up.

Michael Nicolayeff
profile image
I fully agree. That's the way it works on Steam and Good Old Games. Anything you buy is yours forever.

Tom Baird
profile image
True for Origin as well:

Quoted from the FAQ

"Q: Will my Origin games or entitlements ever expire?

The Origin terms of service are designed to protect against misuse of the Origin system. No Origin user who has paid entitlements and/or downloaded games will have their account cancelled or games expired due to extended non-use. The term regarding account cancellation for non-use is designed to guard against creation of non-active accounts for inappropriate reasons."

Andrew Egelhofer
profile image

I Read the FAQ (From Tom, but I didn't find that question):

Q: Can I re-download old games I purchased?

A: Absolutely. All your valid purchases are still accessible from Origin.

So they still let you re-download the game even after you "shuffle" it off you're PC. Not *so* bad as I thought. But to be perfectly honest the question:

Q: What happens if EA goes out of business?

A: Origin is powered by EA, the leading publisher of the world's best games, and we're not going away anytime soon.

Has me a little worried. No contingency plan? No promise to release patches that will remove the need for the Origin Service? Little sketchy IMO

Brandon Maynes
profile image
I'm shocked they would have the audacity to say that 5 million people USE Orgin daily. The only reason I used Orgin was to play the BF3 beta, and quickly realized that I would not be purchasing it, so I closed Orgin. I have not uninstalled it yet, and it logs in every time you restart your computer. So daily, I'm adding a hit to that counter. I am by no means, using Orgin in any way. It is a horrible digital distribution package. It could never compete with Steam.

s d
profile image
yeah we use it -- because we HAVE TO

but it has a really clunky interface and it doesn't take advantage of some of the things "done right" by systems such as Steam...

If i had the choice i would NOT use Origin. It makes me less excited about titles such as BF3, of which i am a huge fan (1942, Desert Combat Mod , BF2) because i know i have to use this Origin thing. To me, it feels and looks thrown together by some web designers in a back office who do not play games and haven't used any of the digital distribution systems already present in the market place.

Jordan Laine
profile image
Seeing how there are 8 million BF3 beta players, my guess they are responsible for the majority of the 5m daily users. And no, they don't have a choice.

I am not a fan of the service at all. I played the beta once, I liked the gameplay but I am unsure if I will buy the game because of Origin. I really wish they would also release the game on steam...

Will Buck
profile image
Also I'd be interested to know what "using" origin is actually defined as here. I think it's running in the background on my machine ever since I tried out the BF3 beta (again only because it was required), but I haven't played anything on it or opened it in over a week :/

dennis crawford
profile image
I installed Origin when I was invited to alpha test, (early beta test really) BF3. I also was given the option after the alpha week was over to pre-order the game for a free choice of one of three other games, I chose Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 was downloaded through Origin and sits in my "library" section. Dead Space 2 runs without opening origin, BF3 alpha required you to open a game through Origin. Due to lack of time I have not played the beta for BF3 but it sounds like it still requires the login to Origin.

As clunky as the Origin interface is, that is not my primary issue with it, I don't like not being able to opt out of having EA scanning my hard drives for marketing purposes. If it is true, which obviously I didn't know, you can't re-download after a year of purchase, I won't bother buying a game using the Origin service again.

Zach Grant
profile image
EA has just done to many shady things in the past, for me to trust them with my game library access. Won't even consider buying a game on Origin.

James Smith
profile image
A teacher bought their laptop in with the new Fifa, all I can say is what a load of crap Origin is. Major issues getting it installed, then Fifa, then only a few days after release it had a 3GB update already. Then it wouldn't log in to verify the game..just about everything that could go wrong did.

It *is* now working, but I could only tell him the truth, if he'd pirated it, he'd of been playing trouble free without origin, without EA spamming his emails, on demand and without needing to be online.