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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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Hackers Work Around  Battlefield 3 's Origin Requirement
Hackers Work Around Battlefield 3's Origin Requirement
November 1, 2011 | By Kyle Orland

Hacking and piracy group Razor1911 has released a cracked executable purporting to let PC Battlefield 3 owners play the game without installing or running EA's Origin digital distribution system, as normally required.

EA confirmed in August that an Origin account and client would be required to run even retail versions of the PC edition of Battlefield 3, a move many saw as an onerous "trojan horse" aimed at marketing EA's new digital distribution service.

But the new release apparently gets around this check using a modified executable that replaces the one installed by the game disc.

"This release is dedicated to our fans worldwide who bought this game on [sic] legal way and don't want to install the trojan from Electronic Arts to play online," a statement accompanying the crack reads.

Titles that use Valve's Steamworks middleware require players to download and install the Steam marketplace to run, leading competing marketplaces like Direct2Drive to decline to carry some Steamworks games.

EA has so far refused to offer Battlefield 3 on Steam thanks to what it calls Valve's "restrictive terms of service."

EA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Battlefield 3 crack.

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Stefan Boberg
profile image
Wow... this is Gamasutra worthy news? When did you start reporting on cracks?

Kyle Orland
profile image
I felt it was worthwhile since it's a crack aimed specifically at eliminating a bundled digital marketplace from a major title, which is a relatively if not completely new phenomenon.

Maurício Gomes
profile image
Note the point of the crack is not to remove any other DRM (if present, I dunno), it is only remove Origin.

Michael G
profile image
There has been a marked change in the way these groups push their cracks, they used to say they make them to show they could, then they started saying they were designed to give gamers the ability to "test" games and were encouraged to then buy the games they liked. It shows a steady softening of their position as the "freedom fighters" against the oppressive games industry.

I don't think DRM works and it would be nice if publishers would release demos so we don't have to buy crap games, but these crackers are not as superior as they like to think.

Roger Klado
profile image
I think what is newsworthy is the growing trend where cracks for people who support and buy games ARE in actuality rather than just lip service? What does it say to the state of consumer awareness when your customers still use a crack even after laying it's cash down?

Cracks for pirating games and defending the stealing because drm is invasive is one ( flimsy ) thing...

But I have seen valid customers defeating drm out of fear of the number of install limits.

To bypass online only requirements in an economy where you have to fear being able to pay your ISP bills becomes even more oppresive considering you become penalized for being poor.

People who bought their copies of Starcraft who are willing to cripple their experience by using the cracked beta instead because the $1500 dollars they invested in their multi-monitor 3Dvision Surround setup is considered a "cheat" even if playing the single player campaign rather then an enthusiast customer that supports our industry to a ridiculous $$$ degree.

And now with ORIGIN customers who might favor STEAM not only lose that service but are forced to launch B3 with ORIGIN running.

In the end I think it makes it a hell of a lot easiar when the people using the cracks aren't putting food on your table.

Eric Geer
profile image
This is definitely note worthy--all I have heard about Origin is it's terrible interface and spyware like tactics...I think it's great that paying customers are out to bring it down.

Craig Page
profile image
Well I read it, and there's 16 comments. So it must be news worthy.

Juan Del Rio
profile image
Origin is the only reason why I haven't played Battlefield 3. I just don't trust EA and their Origin endeavor.

Craig Page
profile image
Origin is okay, but BF3 running everything in your browser is just stupid.

Yiannis Koumoutzelis
profile image

i think these above are the main reasons why hackers want to remove Origin.

apart from that i think it is too early for Origin to be on our machines.

it often doesn't work that great, and as i read in various fora and blogs,

twitter and and facebook this is one of the most common reasons why

many people have not played Battlefield3 yet!!

Which is really sad as it is a great game!!!

Zach Grant
profile image
@Yiannis Wow, in that youtube video Origin read his IM chat logs. Bravo EA. My earlier statement about not trusting EA was spot on.

sadiagg lunatic
profile image
origin for life guys!

@juan; this might interest you :)

Adrian Nilsson
profile image
It will be interesting to see whether players removing origin will have their cd key banned or how EA will tackle it...

Harry Fields
profile image
When players create cracks so they don't have to run Origin, EA should take notice. Pull the plug now, before it becomes a headache and partner with Steam to digitally distribute your PC wares. Or press on with a crappy piece of bloatware and watch your PC sales erode as consumers turn to pirated versions to circumvent said bloatware. I went with the inferior Xbox version just to avoid Origin.

Roger Klado
profile image
To be fair... I find it convieneint to be able to install to any directory I want to( as my SSD space is reserved for performance critical and special love in it's limited write space space ). Without having to migrate every application to that new directory. One aspecdt of STEAM which I have found very limiting.

I have actually started to activate games on ORIGIN that I have bought on STEAM!

Also, the dirt cheap prices EA has offered in some of it's promotions have lured me over more than once.

The only game that actually requires ORIGIN to be running is B3, in such cases I ahve found ORIGIN to be pretty transparent and not really much of a resource hog.

( If you check "off" start with windows you never need to see ORIGIN. If u made the mistake of installing with windows, I found it was hard to easily defeat instant start-up )

I'll reserve final judgement till third party games are introduced and ORIGIN is finished.

Craig Page
profile image
Why do you even have a solid state drive if you're not going to put Battlefield 3 on it? The load times in this game really benefit from it, you'll always be the first one in the game, or the second if someone else has a faster SSD.

And more importantly, it gives you bragging rights with your friends every time the map changes.

George Pigula
profile image
I remember all these same complaints when Steam shipped with HL2. I personally use both Steam and Origin. Steam has had much more time to refine its process and I think Origin is on track to match it. I've heavily used Origin since BF3 released, and only slightly before with DA2. I haven't found any terrible problems with it other than it has new flows I have to get used to (compared to steam).

Jose Resines
profile image
VERY newsworthy, especially seeing things like this:

That's why I'll never buy from Origin. Way to go, EA.

Chris Johnson
profile image

Do you have anyone who can look over this site and fix the problem with EA and these Battlefield 3 Hacks? I have four people in my clan using the hack and it's simply not fair the way these guys can see every single enemy on the screen. The last guy using it had 17,000 points and was ranked 50 already. I'm currently serving in the Marine Corp and Battlefield 3 is what I do to relax (believe it or not).... but these cheaters have made me so mad. What can I do? It doesn't seem like anything.

I called EA support FIVE TIMES (was on the phone for 90 mins total) and every person I talked to said the game had no hacks out for it. I even sent them to the website and showed them the videos and screens and they said they were fake... c'mon, are they serious?

I also tried to post asking for help on the EA Forums and every single time they delete my post. After spending $60 and EA made $5 Million in sales the FIRST WEEK I think a deserving LEGIT player like me deserves some sort of answer about a fix. Can you help?


Chris Johnson

Thomas Engelbert
profile image
If you find someone here who's working for EA, you might have a chance. Though I wouldn't count on that. EA has shown for several years now that they give a f*ck about their customers. They're gonna buy anything anyways, so why care? If you wanna do something against that, tell this to your friends, family, colleagues, anybody, and stop buying their products.

EA is a huge corporation, you're a single person. Do the math, who'll have the longer breath...

Thomas Engelbert
profile image
Well, Media Markt and Saturn decided to put a stop on selling BF3 germanywide in their shops. Only exception is Berlin, where every single copy wears a big label warning the customer about Origin.

There simlpy is no uncrackable copyprotection. Whether you put measures on the client PC, or on a server - what can be build CAN be broken. Only one suffering from this are the customers who paid for a game they can't play. Even if you would leave your game completly on company servers, selling keys to access and play it online, there would sooner or later be someone who somehow retrieved the code and manipulated it so you can host your own game...

Same with Steam. It now forces me to have a working internet connection to open it up and play my games. My games, that I paid for. Which I won't spend a single cent on to Steam again until they take that back. It's time for a platform that just sells, and otherwise doesn't interfere with you playing the game until you want it to.