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April 25, 2014
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 Grand Theft Auto V  Trailer Shows Off LA-Inspired Vinewood
Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Shows Off LA-Inspired Vinewood
November 2, 2011 | By Kyle Orland

November 2, 2011 | By Kyle Orland
More: Console/PC, Design, Business/Marketing

The next game in Take-Two and Rockstar's highly successful Grand Theft Auto series will return to San Andreas, the fictional city based on southern California.

A new trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V centers on an unseen narrator, who says he's moving to the city for the weather and for a chance to transition from a life of crime to the kind of life "you see... in the movies."

Characters in the trailer are shown golfing, jet-skiing and hiking, as well as engaging in series staples such as high speed police chases, armed robberies and prostitution.

The trailer contrasts tourist-friendly locales such as weightlifter-strewn beaches, rolling hillsides and sun-drenched patios with less savory urban scenes of migrant workers on the side of the road and a tent city of homeless people assembled underneath an overpass.

Shares in Take-Two jumped roughly six percent last week just after the company officially announced the widely expected sequel.

The last title in the series, 2009's Grand Theft Auto IV, has shipped over 22 million copies as of September, contributing to over 114 million sales for the series as a whole since 1997's Grand Theft Auto.

Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia predicted the next game could sell up to 25 million copies in its first year, surpassing previous Take-Two estimates of 15 to 17 million sales for the title.

There's been no indication of a planned release date for Grand Theft Auto V.

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Joshua George
profile image
While it is what Rockstar is known for, I think they do it right by not pushing a yearly sequel on us.

evan c
profile image
Seagulls, a dog, kids, fighter plane, jet ski and blimp. I wonder how Rockstar will handle kids and animals in the game without raising controversy?

Kyle Orland
profile image
I mentioned the jet ski... jerk! =P

evan c
profile image
I'm not done with my post >:(

Yeah I missed it...

Robert Green
profile image
I can't help notice the similarities between the narrator's back-story and that of Niko from GTA4. Immigrant moves to America to escape their violent life, ultimately ends up being just as violent. Not sure if they're trying to make some social commentary there, or if it's just a convenient excuse for having a violent character that's new in town and at least somewhat relatable (due to the desire to be non-violent, even while no doubt committing numerous acts of murder).

Will Ooi
profile image
Sorry to be *that* nitpicking pedant but San Andreas wasn't just a single city - it was a state encompassing Los Santos (LA), San Fierro (San Fran), and Las Venturas (Vegas) - and hence the trailer has so far only revealed Los Santos. Unless of course the game will indeed return to all those cities - I definitely won't be complaining about that =)

From the looks of it as well, that countryside (Mt Chiliad?) and the teaser in being able to fly planes again may suggest more than one city. Fingers crossed.