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August 22, 2014
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August 22, 2014
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Press Releases
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

We at Dot Product, have been busy beavering away on our little civil experimentation project, Wildfire. Check out our hub at Wildfire Worlds for all the details.

Our first Tech Demo for Windows PCs has just been finished and is available for download right now at:


What is Wildfire?

Watch our cute paper toy society go about its daily business! See the inhabitants scuttle around doing people stuff! Now chuck a large spanner in there and cause chaos. Inspired by the oppression and austerity driven riots throughout the world, in Wildfire the player is an agent for change. Inspire unrest in the population and keep the revolution going. And when the landscape is littered with charred ruins, what then? Watch plants grow and reclaim the ruins. Animals thrive in the wake of your destruction and the circle of life continues. Eventually ( after a bit of lunch ) a new thriving environment will be born and you can f**k that up as well. We at Dot Product don’t believe in “Game Over”. It’s never over. It just keeps on giving.

Featuring a childlike simulation of what really motivates people; in a nutshell, money, coffee and shoes. Wildfire’s parameter editor allows the player to experiment with how people react to their pokes. Want to smash a highly efficient police state or a world of Falafel Festival ravers? Set them up and then knock them down! Or watch them do it themselves. Especially with the falafel lot and their special mushrooms.

Lovingly hand crafted and made from recycled paper, cheap imported plastics and unstable batteries, Wildfire Worlds allows you to fold against the dotted lines and burn it all down.

As for the future ? Our propagation engine can simulate anything. The spread of ideas: inspire literacy and peaceful protest in a war torn society. How may peaceful protesters can you throw at a bunch of rabid soldiers before they feel the twang of guilt and put down their guns? The spread of disease: a few twiddles of the propagation engine and watch the birth of a zombie materialist contagion. They should have washed their hands!

Who are Dot Product?

Dot Product is a collection of the greatest minds in video games. People responsible for games so cool you cant possibly have heard of them. Basically… 3 grim old feckers who dig video games and anarchy + some younger more energetic types to make us look good.

James:  After 170 years experience in 3D animation and dealing with media darlings, James has decided to try his hand at something far more immature.

Miles:  Disillusioned 40 something coder gimp, who is always just a few moments away from killing:-

Mike:  An artist apparently. Although you would never know it looking at the state of him.

Janon:  A brain wrapped in an enigma covered in hot sauce

Remy:  Having studied Anatomy for years and become the best modeller this side of the 49th parallel we waste his time with this nonsense, soon he will have his revenge.

Milian:  Well on his way to becoming the coolest Animation Director in the world, Milian spends his summer mucking about with bits of card and giving them life.


General enquiries: Wildfire at WildfireWorlds dot com

Technical support: Support at WildfireWorlds dot com