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April 21, 2014
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April 21, 2014
Piranha Games Inc
UI Engineer
Piranha Games Inc
Lead Software Engineer
Piranha Games Inc
Network Engineer
Senior Tools Developer (C#, Unity3D)
Senior Gameplay Developer (Unity3D, C#)
Treyarch / Activision
Associate Animator (temporary) - Treyarch
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Press Releases

  Press Release for Fun Steps family of products
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

19th November 2012 - Pocket Scientists proudly presents its first release that covers an entire family of motion detection games. Three titles are available now on App Store and Google Play: Fun Steps - Robots, Fun Steps - Cartoon and Fun Steps - Monsters. All the titles are available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android platforms.

Official Fun Steps : The Way You Walk trailer:

The trailer is very unique, please watch it and share it if you like!

Want to walk  around like a big, huge robot? Or "boing away", like a flea? Or step away, like a dinosaur? Now it's your time! Fun Steps family of Motion detection products let's you sound walking differently. Using state of the art motion detection technology, you can walk and sound like a big, huge robot, or a flea, or a dino. And a lot more...

Common Features:

- Unique Motion Detection Technology

- Step Sensitivity is customizable

- Experience sharing capacity on Facebook

- Walking delay adjustable

- Instructions included

- Lots of fun, entertainment and party.

It doesn't count if your shoes are silent - the noise will come from your mobile device when you step with it. And remember - practice makes you a real master of Fun Steps  family of products!

Some examples for never ending fun with Fun Steps - Cartoon is the most ancient form of humour: farting, and of course you can sound in other silly ways. Fun Steps - Monsters gives you the walking skill of a zombie, a herbivorous and a carnivorous dinosaur. And with Fun Steps - Robots is enough to say: They are robots!

Fun Steps - Robots, Fun Steps - Cartoon and Fun Steps - Monsters is already available for iPhone, iPod touch and Android platforms in App Store and Google Play.

Limited quantity of Fun Steps promo codes are available for iOS and will be distributed upon request on a first come, first served basis.  

About  Pocket Scientists:

Pocket Scientists is a premier mobile entertainment developer company creating fun and entertainment products on mobile devices based on  iOS and Android systems. Industry veterans of game development, media publishing, video and film producing, CGI, music composing joined forces to form a company to fulfil all entertainment needs from casual gaming to Entertainment branding. Their expertise and experience guarantees the knowledge and use of latest development strategies, technologies and design principles.


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