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April 24, 2014
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April 24, 2014
Infinity Ward / Activision
Principal / Lead Rendering Engineer
Gearbox Software
Graphics Programmer
Turtle Beach
Unity 3D MiniGame Programmer (and Designer)
Nexon America, Inc.
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  The Adventures of Rubberkid (PC)
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Not all heroes have to be aliens with a list of super powers.  Some tackle everyday problems such as the reality of bullying.

The Adventures of Rubberkid is a FREE Adobe Flash game looking to raise awareness about how terrible bullying can be. Rubberkid is a regular kid who was tired of being bullied. To stand up to the bullies, Rubberkid created a suit of rubber bands to bounce the insults they hurl right back at them!

The goal of the game is to show the player the consequences of bullying. The levels can be selected in any order and each focuses on helping a particular child (or children). Once the player helps those in need, they are shown the effects bullying can have.  The results show what would have happened to the child had the bullies continued, but they also give the player hope by showing what each accomplishes in their life since you stood up for them.

The game is great tool for children and adults of all ages and has the following features:

*A new game from Charles Jackson, creator of When Asteroids Attack and Ellie’s Clubhouse!

*Nine levels of gameplay, featuring three different game types.

*Players can print out a certificate pledge as reminder to not bully others, but to also speak up when others are bullied. The certificate will even have the player’s name on it!

*Those interested can pay what they want for Rubberkid, including nothing at all!  This allows schools and libraries easy access to this fun and educational program!

*Story segments for each character allow the player to see the effects of bullying first-hand.  Seeing what each character accomplishes will encourage the player to speak up when they or someone else is being bullied.

*Vivid, colorful graphics and characters from The Critterverse.

In order to extend the reach of the game as far as possible, The Adventures of Rubberkid current has an active Kickstarter campaign.  With the funding, the game will be translated into Spanish and French, feature cyberbullying content, be supplemented with additional materials such as a children’s book or a comic book and more.  The Adventures of Rubberkid Kickstarter can be found at

Help support this educational game and earn some perks as well!

The game is currently a work in progress, but anyone is able to access an incomplete build to sample the game. The Adventures of Rubberkid demo can be accessed at


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