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April 18, 2014
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April 18, 2014
Fun Bits Interactive
Technical Artist
Database Engineer
Fun Bits Interactive
Senior Engine Programmer
DevOps Engineer – Core Tech
Senior Graphics Engineer - Core Tech Team
2K Australia
Senior Engine/Graphics Coder – Canberra, Australia
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Press Releases

  Record Request for 3FM Serious Request
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Utrecht, Netherlands – December 19, 2012 Record Request is a game made to help raise money for the 3FM Serious Request project, available to play here.

Serious Request is an annual project by the Dutch radio station 3FM in which they collect money for Red Cross initiatives, which has inspired other similar projects across the world. During the project, three DJs live for six days in a house constructed of glass without access to food—instead, the captive volunteers drink a special type of juice for sustenance. Last year the project raised more than €8,000,000 for mothers affected by wars and other conflicts. This year money is being raised to help reduce infant mortality. More than 5.5 million babies die each year due to preventable causes.

Several ISOTX volunteers worked through the weekend to produce the Record Request game for the 3FM website. It was a rollercoaster ride of enthusiasm, hard work, panic, and more hard work, but it was completely worth it!

Donate to the Red Cross here.


ISOTX is an award winning game developer focused on producing top-quality war games. Iron Grip: Marauders, the free-to-play 3D browser based TBS, has been running since 2011 and was the first game to offer 3D battles in your browser. We use cutting edge technology to create highly detailed and visually stunning action and strategy games. We release games for PC, Mac and mobile devices – utilizing the strengths of every platform to build games perfectly suited to the technological opportunities available.

Our games follow the ‘easy to learn, but hard to master’ philosophy of design, with the kind of depth that encourages careful strategic thinking. In ISOTX games, it’s the smarter player who wins; not the fastest or the luckiest. Currently ISOTX is a company with over 40 employees, who are always looking for new challenges and working to inspire the community and users within our games.

Click here for this document in PDF (English).

Click here for this document in PDF (Dutch).

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