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April 24, 2014
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April 24, 2014
Infinity Ward / Activision
Principal / Lead Rendering Engineer
Gearbox Software
Graphics Programmer
Turtle Beach
Unity 3D MiniGame Programmer (and Designer)
Nexon America, Inc.
Web Designer - Temporary - 3 month
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Press Releases

  Strategy Titles Secretly Ally with Trailers at PDXCon
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

NEW YORK – February 8, 2013 – Last week, Reykjavik, Iceland played host to Paradox Interactive’s annual convention, giving international media a chance to get a look at what Paradox has to offer in the coming months, including its internally developed titles from Paradox Development Studio. Paradox is a company founded on deep grand strategy titles, and the three strategy games shown at PDXCon, coming from PDS, made a strong impression on convention attendees.

March of the Eagles is a lean war-focused game, set during the Napoleonic era, targeted at strategy newcomers looking to expand their gaming palette, as well as those experienced Paradox veterans eager to take on the latest PDS challenge. With its cutthroat multiplayer experience, pitting six or eight major powers in a competition for dominance, March of the Eagles should prove popular not just with novice strategists but with players at all levels of experience.

March of the Eagles releases on February 18.

The latest trailer for March of the Eagles, revealed at PDXCon, can be found here:

View the video at

If your tastes run to something more modern, Paradox Development Studios and BL-Logic present you with East vs West: A Hearts of Iron Game, an ambitious Cold War-themed title that aims to be the most sophisticated simulation of the Cold War yet. Use spies and arms deals to undermine your opponents, or turn to the United Nations to rally the world behind you as the specter of global nuclear annihilation looms over everyone.

East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game releases in late Q2.

New screens for East vs West: A Hearts of Iron Game can be found here:

And, of course, the star of the show was Europa Universalis IV, the latest version of Paradox’s flagship historical title. Open-ended gameplay and player choice have always been the priority in this storied franchise, but now a refined interface, a streamlined economy and other improvements enhance the natural story-building power. Up to 32 players can relive history’s pivotal centuries, guiding their nation along a path of their own making down 400 years of history. Trade your way to the top, invade neighbors to enhance territory, create alliances and then double cross your allies, or sail away for undiscovered locales—history is yours for the making.

You can find the brand new trailer for Europa Universalis IV here:

View the video at

For more information on the games from Paradox Development Studio:

March of the Eagles

Europa Universalis IV

East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game

and visit



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