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April 24, 2014
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April 24, 2014
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Press Releases

  THE LAST DOOR, now at Steam Greenlight
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]


has joined today Valve’s Steam Greenlight

Spain – November 6th, 2013 - Independent game company The Game Kitchen is excited to announce that the first season (including the first three chapters) of The Last Door an episodic point--and--click horror adventure game featuring stylish pixel--art graphics and a foreboding orchestral soundtrack, for PC, Linux & Mac, has taken today to Steam Greenlight.

The game’s first episode was successfully funded on Kickstarter in late 2012, and after the recent launch of the third chapter (The Four Witnesses) has now three full chapters to the public. If the game passes the Steam Greenlight community voting process, the indie studio will gather and pack up the first three installments of the saga in a First Season, a standalone special edition of the game, compiled together with many enhancements. This new milestone in the trajectory of the game it’s really important since it means a solid step forward towards the funding of the upcoming episodes of the game.

Currently, the saga of “The Last Door” counts with two free chapters available to the public and the third one available upon any donation towards the development of the fourth installment which is now in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign. While all that is going on, the game has also just been added to Steam Greenlight and it’s looking for some votes.

Storyline of “The Last Door”

The spine tingling story unfolds chapter by chapter, allowing players to join in at any time to unravel the harrowing mystery behind The Last Door. From the beginning, the story follows Jeremiah Devitt, a University professor of Philosophy, who receives a distressing letter from an old childhood friend. Jeremiah returns to the manor of his friend to confirm his suspicions that something terrible has happened. Jeremiah will have to explore the deserted mansion, seeking clues to unravel the terrible mystery behind his own past and the fate of those closest to him.

In the second chapter, Devitt visits the boarding school he and his friend attended when they were young. The school has since become a hospital assisting the care of terminally ill patients.  As Devitt continues his dangerous journey, he begins to suspect that there's more to the hospital than meets the eye, and nothing is what it seems.  

In the third chapter, Devitt avoids an inevitable death and ends up in the foggy London, where he will have to face new and intriguing obstacles, puzzles, obscure characters and dark secrets in a completely new gloomy scene: Old Nichols Slum. Will Devitt be able to finally place together his crude memories and discover the horrible secrets of his past?

The developers would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the development of The Last Door so far. To assist in the creation of the fourth chapter, please visit their donations page.

Key Features of “The Last Door” Saga.

  • Story: Travel back and explore dark and mysterious Great Britain in the endings of 19th century, investigate ghostly and gloomy places to uncover mysterious secrets.

  • Graphics: A unique visual style that will show only what's necessary, triggering you imagination to bring the game's world alive. Wander through uniquely designed low-res style graphics.

  • Gameplay: This game is a tribute to classic point and click adventures. Brings back the 90's feeling of the genre and mixes it up with a touch of contemporary gameplay and the thrill of modern TV series.

  • Music: Outstanding sound effects and a haunting original orchestral soundtrack, composed by the award winner Carlos Viola, completes the strange and frightening atmosphere of the game.

Additional Information

- Steam Greenlight link:

- Game trailer:

- All chapters of The Last Door are currently available in:

- Chapter assets including logos, vídeos and screenshots can be downloaded at their Press Kit

- Fans of the game are encouraged to visit their social networks Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

- For Press: review codes are now available to unlock all the mysteries of The Last Door.


The Game Kitchen is a small indie team based in Seville, Spain. Funded in 2009. The team is made up of two artists (Enrique and Mateo) and three programmers (Javier, Daniel and Mauricio), as well as the award winner music composer Carlos Viola. The Game Kitchen is currently developing The Last Door full time, as well as several other ongoing projects.

*end press release

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