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April 18, 2014
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April 18, 2014
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  SolForge Brings Collectible Gaming to iPhone
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]
SAN DIEGO, CA - Dec 19, 2013 - Stone Blade Entertainment, the company behind the award-winning board game and iOS app  Ascension, has released a major update for SolForge, bringing the popular free-to-play digital collectible game to iPhone.

With the new release, players can now access all of the features of the game with the new iPhone client, including online play, deck building, and the daily reward system.  SolForge is also available on iPad and on PC via Steam, and accounts are fully cross platform.  Players can start a game on their home computer and continue it later on their mobile device. 

"We designed SolForge from the ground up to be a truly mobile game, and our new update makes that a reality," said Justin Gary, founder and CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment, "Our players can now experience a fully featured collectible game on the go. SolForge brings a whole world of competition to the palm of your hand."

The new update also introduces tournaments, allowing SolForge players to face one another in a competitive environment for prizes.  Players can choose between Constructed and Draft tournament play, choosing a deck of their creation or making a new one as they go.  In both types of tournaments, players are able to complete their matches at their convenience thanks to the innovative structure of the events.

In  SolForge, players build and customize decks of cards to compete with other players online or against AI opponents.  The new update introduces twenty-four new cards to the available pool, as well as changes to a number of existing cards to give players new tools for their decks. SolForge is free to play, and players can earn new cards to improve their decks through gameplay. 

SolForge is a digital collectible game designed by Stone Blade Entertainment in a partnership with Richard Garfield, the creator of  Magic: the Gathering.   SolForge  is set in an original fantasy setting of a desolate world whose sun has gone dark.  In this frozen landscape, four factions struggle for dominance over the  SolForge, a mystical spire that is the source of light, heat, and magic in the world.  Players take on the role of Forgeborn, those who control the magic of the  SolForge, and battle against one another with fantastical creatures and powerful spells.

For more information, or to download SolForge, visit ;



About Stone Blade Entertainment

Founded by gaming industry veterans in 2010, Stone Blade Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of original board and card games.  Formerly known as Gary Games, Stone Blade entertainment's products include the new  SolForge  Digital Trading Card Game and the award-winning  Ascension deckbuilding game, which has released four expansion sets and been turned into a top selling iOS app.  For more information, visit



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