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April 20, 2014
Using Scrum in “Real World” Game Production [5]
Design Precepts [1]
An Algorithm for Discovering "Hidden Gems" [17]
Cult County Kickstarter: Funded Success or Public Failure? [11]
Can we learn anything from strange old adventure games? [1]
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April 20, 2014
Treyarch / Activision
Associate Art Director - Treyarch
Treyarch / Activision
Associate Animator (temporary) - Treyarch
Activision Publishing
Principal Graphics Programmer
Activision Publishing
Executive Producer-Skylanders
Activision Publishing
Director, Central User Testing
Insomniac Games
Associate Engine Programmer
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Press Releases

  The Bloodbath of B-R5RB
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]
With over 7,500 players from around the world participating (2,670 in the system at once time), the scale becomes nearly unimaginable, the story more intriguing, and the visuals even more beautiful. So moved were we that we simply had to start work on an in-game monument created to commemorate it called “Titanomachy”.

11 Trillion ISK in damages, equating approximately $300k-$330k USD of estimated value. 75 of the game’s largest ships were destroyed.

The official recap of the battle is full of pictures, videos, graphs, contextualization and even some primary sources from the fleet commanders themselves.


Go check it out here if you are at all interested in Science fiction, MMOs or online gaming. As was said earlier this month, “EVE is the game science fiction warned us about.” For over 21 straight hours this past Monday that couldn’t be more true.

Read the recap here:

Coincidentally, we just deployed EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 to the servers immediately following the battle.

For more information about Rubicon check the feature site. For Rubicon 1.1, check out this in-development video, scan the past few dev blogs and read the patch notes. As always, new patches and expansions are free to all subscribers. And a free trial can be found at

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