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September 17, 2019
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  Don't delay: Pitch your best AR/VR talks for VRDC at GDC 2020!
image Hey game makers, quick reminder today that organizers of the 2020 Game Developers Conference are still accepting VRDC talk submissions -- but only until Monday, September 30th at 11:59 pm Pacific!
  One decade in, League of Legends still averages 8M peak concurrent players daily
image Riot Games says that its free-to-play MOBA League of Legends still averages around 8 million peak concurrent players on a daily basis.
  Proposed E3 revamp could turn expo into 'fan, media, and influencer festival'
image E3 could be getting a big overhaul next year, with organizer The ESA mulling over a rebrand that would see the show become a "fan, media, and influencer festival" in 2020.
  Knights and Bikes is being turned into an animated TV show
image Knights and Bikes, the charming hand-painted adventure game from Foam Sword, is being turned into a television show by British production company Tiger Aspect.
  Control freak: Inside the narrative design of Remedy's least linear game
image In an effort to better understand the making of the game's striking narrative, Gamasutra chats with Remedy narrative designer Brooke Maggs about her work crafting Control's eerie setting. 
  Get a job: Tequila Works is hiring a Senior Producer
image The Senior Producer is vital to oversee the pipeline, scheduling, asset managing, build processes, and QA of the whole game.
  Kojima details the subtly social gameplay of Death Stranding
image Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is, at his own admission, a tough game to explain. 
  Video: Building explosive 8-bit Nintendo eSports the Tetris World Championship way
image In this 2019 GDC talk, Hitsparks Games' Chris Tang explores how the Classic Tetris World Championship format makes the most of Tetris for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
2 Don't Miss: Fine-tuning the balance of sandbox and RPG in Dragon Quest Builders
image "Our team found the building and survival elements in the sandbox genre to be really fun, but that type of game often lacks overall objectives, and some players aren't sure what they should be doing.
  Gears 5 saw 3 million players during launch week through Game Pass and retail
image The Coalition's Gears 5 attracted over 3 million players in the early days of its launch, a launch that Xbox says makes the game the biggest launch of any Xbox Game Studios-developed title on the Xbox One.
  PSA: Upload your resume to Gamasutra's job boards!
image Here's a friendly reminder that Gamasutra's job boards are the best place to find your next job in the game industry - upload your resume and land the job you want!
  Borderlands 3 has nearly doubled Borderlands 2's peak concurrents record on PC
image Borderlands 3, released last week on the Epic Games Store, has already surpassed the all-time peak concurrent players record set by its numbered predecessor, Borderlands 2, on PC.
  Report: The PS4 has sold-through 30 million units in the United States
image The PlayStation 4 has now sold-through 30 million units in the United States alone, according to the latest figures from analyst Niko Partners.
5 Blog: The difference of accessibility vs. playability in game design
image Today's post looks at the growing conversations around accessibility when discussing game design, and how there's another aspect of making titles that can be enjoyed by a wider audience.
  U.S. mobile developer Scopely expands into Asia with new Japan office
image U.S. mobile game developer-publisher Scopely is expanding into the Asia-Pacific region with the opening of a new office in Japan.
1 Outstanding Ideas - Ed Logg on Asteroids and Gauntlet
image In an interview published in Arcade Perfect: How Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and Other Coin-Op Classics Invaded the Living Room, legendary designer Ed Logg reflects on two of his biggest hits.
  Video Game Deep Cuts: Apple Arcade's Blasphemous Ring Fit
image This week's highlights include some views on Apple Arcade, looks at the latest games, including the very gothic Blasphemous, the odd new Switch fitness title Ring Fit Adventure, & more.
  Get a job: Sucker Punch Productions, Wizards of the Coast, and more are hiring now!
image Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now on the Gamasutra Job Board.
  Sea of Thieves adds microtransaction store in latest update
image Up until now, all new content for the Rare-developed title has been included in free updates.
1 Don't Miss: Designing for horror and hope in A Plague Tale: Innocence
image The developers behind A Plague Tale: Innocence share some insight on developing horrifying rat swarms and meaningful narrative moments.
  Video: Deterministic vs. replicated AI: Building For Honor's battlefield
image In this 2017 GDC talk For Honor devs Frederic Doll and Xavier Guilbeault explain how Ubisoft created a big, active battlefield on the backbone of a distributed peer-to-peer deterministic simulation.
  IGF 2020 Inspiration: Grand Prize winner Return of the Obra Dinn
image Get inspired, and then get moving: GDC organizers still accepting submissions for the 2020 Independent Games Festival, but you've gotta get your game in before September 30th!
  Blog: NetEase drives mobile games business in Japan, Tencent targets emerging markets
image NetEase has found success in Japan with a handful of carefully tailored, stand-out mobile titles, but Chinese competitor Tencent is instead focusing its efforts on emerging territories.
  Discord cuts games from paid subscription plan after Nitro Games fails to take off
image Discord’s monthly Nitro subscription is removing free game offerings from its list of perks, a decision the company says it made because the games offered simply weren’t being played.
  Submit your quirky, offbeat controller games for Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2020!
image Got a cool game that's played with a unique, offbeat controller? Submit it now for Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2020, the seventh annual showcase of games with one-of-a-kind peripherals, contraptions, and novelties!

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  Video Game Deep Cuts: Apple Arcade's Blasphemous Ring Fit
by Simon Carless
This week's highlights include some views on Apple Arcade, looks at the latest games, including the...
1 Outstanding Ideas: Ed Logg on Asteroids and Gauntlet
by David Craddock
In an interview published in Arcade Perfect: How Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and Other Coin-Op Classics...

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arrowPress Releases
Design Insights We Learned At Dreamhack Dallas 2019
image Citing detailed session data, Ross Przybylski explains how originality and choice influenced player perception during a recent showcase at Dreamhack Dallas 2019.
How My Grandmother's War Stories Became A Video Game
image Design inspiration can come from unexpected sources. Bob De Schutter explains how his grandmother's war stories formed the basis of his nonfiction game's narrative.
Promoting Your Indie Game: Online Tools And Links
image Looking to spread the word about your latest project? Thomas Reisenegger delivers a comprehensive list of online tools that will help your game find an audience.
Streamline Studios
Streamline Studios Streamline specializes in tech art and creative execution for video games through its integrated 2D, 3D and Animation services.
Art Bully Productions LLC
Art Bully Productions LLC Art Bully Productions was founded in 2008 by 3d art professionals who have years of experience in the video game industry. We pride ourselves on delivering AAA quality work at very competitive rates to developers of all sizes.
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd We are a 40-people game art production studio based in China, we've been serving the global game dev industry for more than 10 years, providing 2D Concepts, Illustrations, UI graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation (Key-frame & Spine).
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More Game art provider, focus on character animation, let's "animate your game" :-)

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