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June 12, 2021
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So many games, nothing to play.

by Ariel Gross on 10/01/11 02:40:00 pm   Expert Blogs

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I own too many games. It's starting to mess with my head. I have a PC, Wii, PS3, and 360, so pretty much all the current, major gaming platforms. I know there are others, but whatever. I have a crapload of games for each platform, too. And yet, here I sit, feeling like I don't have anything to play. And I know I'm not the only one who gets this feeling from time to time.

It's weird, too, because I really, really want to play a game right now. My wife, bless her endlessly, is watching my son and giving me the time to do whatever I want. So, I can play a game right now. I totally can. And I should. And it should be easy because I have more games than would ever be logical, or even reasonable, for a person to own, but I still can't shake it. There's nothing to play. Is there something wrong with me? Geez.

I get this feeling a lot, to be honest. I know what's going to eventually happen, too. I'm going to basically pick some game at random and start playing, and then I'll start digging it, and then I won't want to stop. But right now, right at this moment, I've got that feeling, just staring blankly at Steam -- look at all of those games. It's kinda ridiculous, really. I don't want to play any of them. And yet I have at least one game from every single genre that I enjoy, and even a couple genres that I don't really care for. I'm always giving those genres second chances. Maybe I should play one of those.

Wait what am I talking about? I have some free time and I'm going to play a game from a genre that I'm not even really into? See, this is a problem. I think I have decision fatigue. Read about it when Anoop, our studio design manager at Volition, sent me a link. Google it, you'll find it, too. The summary is that after making a bunch of decisions throughout the day, you start making crappier decisions... well, maybe not crappier. But you tend to go for the easy way out, typically the status quo, whatever you're used to deciding. It's a brain chemistry thing.

Anyway, maybe I should play Witcher 2. I love that game, and I'm still pretty early in the story. But like... I don't really want to. Maybe Bastion. I was really starting to sink my teeth into that one. Nah, not feeling the indie vibe right now. Space Marine? Nah. Not feeling FPS, even though that one is also rad. League of Legends! Nah, can't really get up from that one if my wife needs me at the spur of a moment. Damn. I wish Saints Row: The Third was out. Would make this easier for me. Or Diablo 3. Or Skyrim.

I'm sure I'll find something to play. I'm sure of it. One of these minutes... Was kinda hoping that writing this would somehow make it clear what I want to play. But it hasn't. Alright, screw it. I'm starting up Witcher 2. Won't post this blog until after I'm done playing so we can see if it turned out to be a good idea, or if I ended up closing it immediately after opening it. Sometimes I do that, too. I get to the title screen and I'm like, you know what? Nevermind.

Here we gooooooooo... Aw crap. An update. I hope I can keep this willpower going while this updates. Honestly I'm already thinking maybe I should just play something else. No! No. I'm sticking to it. This is kind of taking a long time, though. Ho hum. Anyone else ever had the idea that we should be making a minigame out of patching progress bars? My name is on that, by the way. That's my idea. And, so help me, I will sue if you steal it, and site this blog as my proof.

Oh hey, forgot about this blog. Yeah, so, ended up recording my son instead. He's almost two years old, and I want to capture as much of his voice as I can. Plus he sounds completely twisted when running him through some pitch processing. So, all said and done, I ended up doing audio stuff. Go figure. I'll probably play a game later.

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