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December 16, 2018
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Ben Sullivan's Blog


Ben Sullivan is a game developer, tech enthusiast and blogger with future-focused insight into the world of technology, games and social evolution. He writes about games, technology and the social future on his blog


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Posted by Ben Sullivan on Mon, 06 Feb 2012 07:04:00 EST in Design, Console/PC
How to handle player failure in games is a topic often written about, and even more often debated at great length.

Posted by Ben Sullivan on Mon, 29 Aug 2011 01:35:00 EDT in Design, Serious
Human Revolution continues with the original Deus Ex's philosophy of enabling player choice by asking what kind of game the player wants to play instead of just how difficult they want it to be.

Posted by Ben Sullivan on Mon, 22 Aug 2011 10:19:00 EDT in Production, Indie
Codecrunch is a Flash-based puzzle game based of the classic code-cracking puzzle game Mastermind. Over the course of many months our small team of 6 worked to complete our first real game under the banner of Thermite Games.

Posted by Ben Sullivan on Sun, 17 Jul 2011 08:11:00 EDT in Serious, Design
Becoming a game designer is a common dream for many young gamers. Thankfully there is one activity that game-design hopefuls can take part in that includes almost every element of videogame design: the Dungeon Master of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Posted by Ben Sullivan on Wed, 08 Jun 2011 09:00:00 EDT in Design
Nintendo announced their new console and successor to the extremely popular Wii system, the Wii U. However the rest gaming industry responded to the announcements with a collective shrug and showed off a multitude of trilogy-ending games.

Posted by Ben Sullivan on Thu, 19 May 2011 09:33:00 EDT in Business/Marketing, Serious
Vancouver's Centre for the Performing Arts played host to the second annual Canadian Videogame Awards ceremony last night. As part of the Canadian Games Conference (formerly GDC Canada) the CVA's hope to increase appreciation for one of Canada's fastest-g

Ben Sullivan's Comments

Comment In: [News - 08/21/2014 - 03:36]

My biggest gripe with this ...

My biggest gripe with this mechanic is that pick up is the same button as reload on the console Throughout the game I 'd be in firefights and mashing Square because I needed the ammo on the ground, but then I 'd reload instead or worse, pick up a heavy ...

Comment In: [News - 03/06/2014 - 01:15]

Did this affect the Canada ...

Did this affect the Canada Kelowna, BC office at all

Comment In: [News - 02/05/2013 - 06:33]

This is very outdated info ...

This is very outdated info about Sleeping Dogs ' performance. While there was a lot of speculation that Sleeping Dogs undersold and was a significant contributor to Square 's losses, Square has since clarified that this is not the case . In fact, it 's been recently announced that ...

Comment In: [News - 08/15/2011 - 08:43]

Yeah, this is definitely a ...

Yeah, this is definitely a patent-defensive move - Google's never been interested in selling hardware which means Motorola will likely continue as it always has but perhaps with faster Android updates End result to consumer - almost nothing. These patent wars are absurd, expensive and only serve to punish the ...

Comment In: [News - 08/12/2011 - 01:39]

So many things wrong with ...

So many things wrong with this - not least of which is the fact it's patentable to begin with...

Comment In: [Blog - 07/13/2011 - 01:23]

Perhaps I'm missing what you ...

Perhaps I'm missing what you mean by speed to market , but if commenters here are suggesting that your game's release proximity to other titles of the same genre doesn't matter you're crazy. Sure, being first doesn't matter, but positioning your product against competitors is critical. When a new Final ...