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My name is Enarmad and I´m a game developer. I like to program in Javascript but I can program in most languages. It is way too much fun to project to be able to stick with just one project. That is my biggest problem when it comes to programming. To actually finnish my projects. I have so many games that have been developed till 80-90% but it is hard to develop the last part since it is very time consuming and doesnt give that much pleasure. But I know about the problem so perhaps I will be able to be more productive in an environment where I´m dependend on others and other are dependent on me. During the past couple of years I like to develop games for the casino business. It is a very lucrative market and actually very fun to develop slots and other casino games. The games today are much more like normal computer games and it is great fun since the programming is ok. The hard part for me is to do all the graphics so it looks nice and compelling. If you never tried the modern version of one armed bandit you should really do that. Enarmad Bandit is a website where you can play slots for free. It has all the nice new games and new feautures that you expects games to have today. On game developer that makes extraordinary good games for casino is NetEnt. I hope that I one day can work at the quality company that they are. We will see. There is so much more that I would like to do but time is a constraint. I hope to just get rich enough so I can just be an entreprenaur and have all the good ideas that someone will have to create for me hehe. I also like to invest in stocks and investment. I follow two people from on 4-Traders, one is called Svenska. One other that is very good in stocks in Kasinon. Anyways, I will write more another time. Please dont worry about my attitude in writing, I´m actually a pretty nice and friendly person if you get to know me in person. 

enarmad bandit


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Hehe, I m from Sweden ...

Hehe, I m from Sweden but had no idea about this Now I need to visit Mc Donalds even though I m not a big fan of them : Thanks for sharing this