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April 21, 2021
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Build, test and publish iOS games and apps directly from your Windows PC

by Dan Miller-Schroeder on 09/12/11 09:17:00 pm

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Let me start by saying I have an iPhone and an iPad, both the latest generation and my second of each. I love the phone and want the pad to get better. I'm also a fairly staunch PC guy and legitimately prefer Windows to OSX for personal use and my own productivity.

It's also no secret that the number of Windows run machines still dwarf the number of Macs out there and that the majority of PC gaming and development is still Win-centric. This may be starting to shift with the explosion of mobile devices and (only slightly less mobile) tablet computers but availability, cost and familiarity still favor Microsoft. Lucky me right? I should have all the tools and tricks to design and produce my dream games. Well, yes, I'm indeed spoiled with tools. Pretty much anything out there is available for me if it is available for a Mac, some exclusively. The Autodesk and Adobe content creation suites, Blender, CryEngine, Source SDK, Unity , UDK, Corona, Shiva, Substance Designer, and tons more are all at my fingertips. Several of these support multi-platform delivery, even to mobile devices - but all require a Mac to successfully deploy to my iPhone!

So what's a PC toting would-be iOS developer to do? Start by whispering your thanks to a little company called Epic Games while crossing your fingers and praying Steve Jobs doesn't change his mind regarding whatever decision made the following little loophole possible.

UDK iOS Configuration Wizard

This little baby is your new best friend, in just a few short minutes it's gonna let you plug that iconic white cord into your Windows USB socket and wire your beautiful UDK mobile bytes straight to your iPhone or iPad, quite quickly I might add.

Ok, ok calm down, let's get the bad news out of the way, you DO still need a Mac running OSX Snow Leopard or higher, but you only need it for 10 minutes and then you can safely tuck it back into the closet. I suspect Apple is seeing a decent bump in Mac Mini sales of late for just this reason.

Steps to publish to iOS from Windows in UDK

So without further ado, here is the basic method for deploying iOS games from your PC:

  1. Download the Unreal Development Kit (UDK)
    Completely free while you're developing your game, $99 to start selling and 25% after your first $50K.
  2. Register for an Apple iOS Developer account
    This will still set you back $100 but with UDK being free, there is no cheaper game in town.
  3. Launch the iOS Development Provisioning Assistant on Apple's website
    Create & save both your mobile provisioning file and your iOS Development Certificate.
  4. Install your Keychain Access certificate on your Mac
    This is that unfortunate step where you actually need a piece of Mac hardware.
  5. Export your signing certificate directly from the Mac Keychain Access
    This one can be the trick, once installed export the private certificate from within 'My Certificates' in the .p12 format, the certificate from within the Provisioning Assistant will not be valid.
  6. Create your dream game in UDK
    The UDK is a pretty excellent piece of software. Thank Epic and check out the training vids on
  7. Plug in, package and publish

That's it, you're good to go. Build your game from your PC to your iPhone or iPad as many times as you need. Test, edit, repeat. When you're ready submit via Apple's App Store to share with the world. 


Casey Noland, CEO design3
[This is a repost from my company blog,] 

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