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October 18, 2018
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Developing Video Games That Make You Better at Baseball

by Dylan Moran on 11/14/17 11:26:00 am

The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.
The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.


By the late 1970s video games was considered an American obsession, and since the beginning, developers have also looked to America’s pastime for inspiration for the next generation. Baseball video games have been considered some of the most popular on every console. Baseball video games allowed early players to make the connection strong with the game on the screen, bridging a generational gap between the games their fathers taught them, and the games they would have to teach their fathers in the near future. You should do your best to become a better baseball player so it is better if you are trained by some professionals.

Video Games

Professional athletes in a range of sports happily say that video games improve their physical and mental skills and are very useful for them. With Major League Soccer, Conor Chinn, a forward with the New York Red Bulls, uses an hour on the day of each real game to learn more in front of his Microsoft Xbox 360 playing FIFA Soccer by Electronic Arts. Mr. Chinn is one of those who believe that video games help their performance. Mr. Chinn said that if got your soccer brain started the day for those who wanted to begin the regimen in college.

“You really get to see and experience the players’ style of play and performance,” he said. “After I face a guy on the field, you can see the similarities between the movements and actions in the video game”. Besides preparing for on-the-field competitions, some athletes use the games to get sharpness and activeness while recovering from injuries. Coaches and players say the games even help teammates bond, as they often play together.

Hard Work of Game Developers

Our developers pore over hundreds of hours from their precious time, watching footage of players and paying extremely close attention to all their movements, physical nuances and a variety of other granular detail, to get more and more resemblance. They work closely with the pro athletes even to capture their signature style to get exact movements in the games.

There are some athletes also who give importance to this point that video games a temporary distraction just before a real competition because it is unnecessary; running through simulations is the best way to get strong preparation for certain sports, like auto racing.

Joey Logano, a Nascar driver, says that he gets ready for his races by going online to, a simulation site for this. As any fan can do according to the abilities, he gets behind the steering wheel console of his PC, puts on his real game face — without the helmet and pays great attention to improve his performance.

While the National Basketball Association and other professional leagues have so many restrictions on Twitter posting and card playing by athletes in helping them stay focused on game time, there are no restrictions on video games.

Some professional athletes have also designed an unhealthy passion for video games. For example, Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards, an active video gamer, became so obsessed with winning at Halo that he played games with a fake teammate to increase up his experience points. And Joel Zumaya, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, was not able to pitch in 2006 after suffering forearm and wrist inflammation in his arm from playing too much Guitar Hero.

John Hart, a senior adviser for the Texas Rangers baseball team and MLB Network analyst, said that he would not endorse athletes playing games in the clubhouse when they are getting prepared for the real thing to get the best results in real performance instead they should watch film and should work with the trainers. The baseball training is taking a backseat to playing video games in a lot of cases.

What should a Committed Baseball Player do?

The biggest questions for any player for playing at the next level are as follows:

1. What should I be doing to maximize my ability and what should I do for that?

2. Am I doing that? If not, how can I start doing it to get the goal?

With the modern overload of quality training information available for the players, a decent answer to the first question should be relatively easy to find for them. An honest answer to the second question, however, may be difficult to swallow. Even if the committed player is able to train properly and he trains often, it will give the best results and will increase the performance of all the people who are present in the training sessions.

Pushing games and other sports aside to focus exclusively on the abilities of training for baseball is only for a select crowd. It would be a shame to see kids are feeling tough and shame to maximize their enjoyment of the amateur game by simply focusing on training and not use the benefits later because it is the golden rule of success. Additionally, there is nothing wrong or out of rules with playing multiple sports and trying to play baseball at the next level. It is extremely naturally among the players for different sports athletes to reach the next level in baseball and playing multiple sports even seems to help some of them.

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