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I am the founder and editor of GamesWarp - PC, Apps, and Press Releases (formerly Daily PC Game Reviews), an independent site with more than 350 reviews already.

I also started GamesWarp Studio and am the resident game designer and engineer there. My first game is Pachinko Parlor, and my latest games include Fuzzball's Fortress and Nurture. I have developed games and applications for the Web, Facebook, PC, and even Android for numerous clients with the assistance of Construct 2 - a game engine suitable for Agile Development.

I also worked with Zeolite Studios to release Steel Storm: Armored Mechanized Mobile Operations on Steam in their Early Access game. My other games include Junk Pile (working together with artist Steve Chapman). I am also working on Project Neumann - a series of games with Neuro Games that aims to train people who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Achievements in chronological order

Sep 2013

Released Steel Storm: AMMO with Zeolite Studios - an Early Access game.

July 2013

Released Junk Pile for Android (under GamesWarp) on Google Play in late July 2013.

Signed on to work with Kot-In-Action Creative Artel for Steel Storm 2. The project utilises idTech 4 technology.

June 2013

Signed on to work with Zeolite Studios as main programmer on AMMO - Armored Mechanized Mobile Operations, a MOBA shoot-em-up using the IP from Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. Three alpha versions have been pushed out to Steam servers so far (last update 31 Jul 2013). The project uses QuakeC and Darkplaces.

May 2013

It's been a busy month... I released Fuzzball's Fortress and Nurture - two smaller games meant to demonstrate our Studio's prototyping / development services using the Construct 2 game engine.

Apr 2013

Our Project Neumann - Princess Rescue game was an early nominee invite at Indies Crash E3. You can vote for it here.

Feb 2013

Released the action-casino game Pachinko Parlor on Facebook, Kongregate, and Chrome Web Store. It has elements of pinball and jackpot. You can view more screenshots over at the Pachinko Parlor community page.

Nov 2012

I completed a freelance project to convert a Shockwave Web educational game to HTML 5 format using Scirra's Construct 2 game maker for Linkit!

Nov 2012 - Jan 2011

I founded GamesWarp (formerly Daily PC Game Reviews) and became the editor for it. I established PR links with several game companies including Paradox Entertainment, Kalyso, Iceberg Interactive, Alawar, and G5.

Sep 1990 - Sep 2012

As an officer in the Ministry of Defence of Singapore, I was responsible for classified avionics software on board fighters, helicopters, and transport aircraft and was very involved in the software development process. I contributed to the development of 15 in-house applications (in C, C# and VB) and performed 10 aircraft software modifications (in C, C++, PL/M, and assembly).

I have participated in key software engineering activities including requirements specification, design reviews, coding implementation, acceptance testing, quality assurance, and documentation.


In my previous job, I have travelled extensively, including Tel Aviv, Paris, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Houston. I firmly believe that my experience dealing with many different OEMs / cultures would be an asset to any organization. I also represented the military at the American Productivity and Quality Center (Houston, TX) Advanced Working Group in 2008 for Knowledge Management.

I also have a sister blog on game development at Appetite for Coding. I had written several games in Torquescript (Torque Game Builder and Torque 3D), and Dark Basic. I have also played around with level editors like UDK (Unreal Development Kit), Valve Hammer Editor, TES (The Elder Scrolls) Construction Set, Aurora Toolset (Neverwinter Nights), HOMM (Heroes of Might and Magic) editors, Dungeons of Dredmor and Unity.

Aspirations and Conclusion

My passion is to join the gaming industry and contribute to a gaming project. I aspire towards being a lead in the areas of game design, coding, testing, and/or writing. I firmly believe my knowledge and experience will help bring a unique perspective to my future employer and colleagues. I know that I can make significant contributions to any organization, and welcome any opportunity to demonstrate my potential in person.

Please contact me if you have any further queries. You can reach me at

Thanks for reading,

Gavin @ GamesWarp


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After reading so many articles such as this one, we seem to be saying, if you are looking for job stability, don 't get involved in game development . r n r nSigh All the best for the people who were affected in one way or another by this closure.

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Wow, who better to kickstart ...

Wow, who better to kickstart a book about understanding kickstarting than you Why not kickstart that r n r nFantastic stuff, thanks for sharing. r n r nFavoriting it right now.

Comment In: [Blog - 05/02/2013 - 11:00]

I have been making money ...

I have been making money with HTML5 already: with the Project Neumann - the Princess Rescue game which is being developed under a research initiative and will be used in training patients with ADHD online. There 's also another HTML5 project needed for a community and possibly nationwide. Just a ...