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October 20, 2017
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Amazing Rescue – Keeping up with the rising trend of mobile gaming

by Ranjan Ray on 11/29/13 02:04:00 am

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Yes, you heard it right. The mobile gaming sector will reach great heights by 2017. There will be approximately more than 64 billion game downloads on smartphones and tablets. The reason for this is the rise of the number of hi-tech games that allows multi-platform gaming utilizing the latest cloud technology. Even the devices come with lot of storage space. Tablet users are contributing immensely as they are downloading games twice as much as the smartphone users.

The trend of mobile gaming is ever growing and it may become even more popular than consoles as developers are becoming more attentive towards mobile platforms.

A look at the gaming market research

Mobile gaming is on the agenda currently. A survey discovered that approx 69% U.S gamers play on a smartphone, 21% play using tablet and 18% play on the iPod touch. Reports have shown that the number of Americans playing games on smartphones and tablets has crosses 100 million; yes a 35% hike has been seen each year. In Europe, there has been a 15% growth which totals to 70 million gamers in the 7 territories. Yes, the numbers of men are always a bit more in both the countries. There is another factor that is contributing to this acceleration – initiation of in-game buying in free games, smartphones and tablets where all of these are creating their own market reputation of mid-core games.  

Our Initiative – Launch of Amazing Rescue           

My company, IEMLabs has taken an initiative towards developing mobile games. It’s called Amazing rescue. Here is the storyline in brief- The young children are very happy as they are returning from school but suddenly they are all covered by fear. A gang of cruel kidnappers have attacked the school bus. Now the children are all trapped and the gang has taken them to a desolate house. All of them are being treated as slaves. When all the kids are tensed and weeping, a teenage hero suddenly drops in to rescue the children by killing the gang.

You might be thinking how the hero fights. There are 10 levels of the game and at each level; the young hero kills the villains one by one. You need to play the game within 30 seconds which means you need to collect the maximum number of stars within that time. The stars act as a direction between the laser beam and the mirror.

If you exceed the timing in each level and still cannot clear, there is a replay option for the gamers. 

The use of mirror and the laser- An edu-play concept                                           

Educating while playing is fun and children can grasp things easily this way. This includes the law of Physics and Optics where it states that the Angle of Incidence is equal to the Angle of Reflection.

The law: The angle of incidence is the angle between the ray of light and the perpendicular from the mirror and the angle of reflection is the angle between the perpendicular and the ray of light after reflection from the mirror.

We have designed this game keeping in mind the young children as they simply love to play and through this they can learn science as well.

You can now watch the amazing gameplay on Youtube

Unity3D – A game developer’s friend              

With a vast number of functionalities, Unity is the mostly preferred gaming engine. Unity 3D has helped game development attain democracy. Using this gaming engine for ‘Amazing Rescue’ has helped us to focus pretty less on the underlying technology of the mobile game. Rather they could give importance to the creative and artistic process of this interesting game.

Do you know the benefits of Unity 3D? Here they are: smooth workflow, utmost quality, flexible animation, high performance, multi-platform and huge collaboration. It is best for studios as well as independent game developers as it cuts down the expenses and smashes expense barriers.

You will fall in love with this delightful ecosystem. 

Freemium game models

Free-to-play is a very lucrative model as it helps to generate maximum revenue. At present, we have launched the free version that offers the core functionalities for free; you can call it the ‘lite version’ of the game. We plan to go ahead for a premium version and merge it with the former and that will make it ‘freemium’. You need to spend few dollars to upgrade or add new features.

It is a point to be noted that a free app will enjoy more number of downloads than a paid version. An interesting game will compel the gamers to shell out money out of sheer gaming interest. We wish to take our game to the next level. Play the free version of this 'Amazing Rescue' game on your Android device and you will love it if the screen size is 7inches and above.


Amazing Rescue Game

Step into the mobile zone

Developing games for the consoles can be more engaging, needs a big team of developers and strong financial backing. The design factor in mobile devices is simpler and this is a factor that is contributing to the rising popularity of mobile game development. There is a mobile future ahead!

We are a part of this huge shift in 2013 and even beyond where the growth is about both mobile and gaming, a huge advancement in the domain of digital entertainment. I wish every game development company uses all the latest strategies to spread wings. 


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