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April 25, 2018
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Puking Rainbows: An Infinitely In-Depth Look At "Into The Box"

by Talha Kaya on 02/26/14 06:35:00 pm

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We, as Kayabros, recently released our first title under the name Kayabros. It's an infinite, psychedelic, reflex-based speed-freak arcade title called "Into The Box". Into The Box is the work of my brother, Tarık Kaya, as he did almost everything about the game alone. In my last post, I tried to explain why my brother chose to release Into The Box totally free and without ads. In this post I'll try to explain what makes Into The Box so special.

Into The Box is a game about going into rectangles forever. When you play it, you can't help but feel a sense of drifting into infinity. I can't name any game that is able to create this feeling at such a strong level. It's the feeling you get when you go into fractals. An infinite amount of detail in an infinitely small part of what you are going into. Colors bending before your eyes, creating an even more psychedelic experience.

As an Into The Box highscorer, I would recommend trusting your reflexes while playing Into The Box. You won't have time to think about your actions, but your brain will make the right choice if you let your reflexes do the work.

Game designers often use the term "in the zone" when describing the state where player is caught in game with his/her full attention. It's the sense of escapism, the sense of losing yourself in a world that is not real. Into The Box is able to get the player in the zone in 10 seconds. I doubt you will want to quit the game if you played it for a mere 10 seconds.

You won't want to quit the game except if the feeling of falling down gives you motion-sickness. Some players said that they are getting motion-sickness by playing the game, which is definitely not the experience Into The Box is trying to give you, but it's ironically a good example of how strong of an experience it is. It's just rectangles inside rectangles scaling up all the time, yet it makes you sick. How weird is that?

It's a good argument to hold that video gaming is one of the most powerful experiences any medium can give to human race. When interactivity is in, you have to include your brain and muscles in a way you can't do in any other medium. The feeling of falling down, the feeling of fractals, infinity, are potential themes that games are better to deliver than the other mediums. Games can do "an infinite amount of detail in an infinitely small part of the game". It's the beauty of mathematics (infinite depth) and human brain (reflexes) together that make Into The Box a special game. And if you let yourself drift, I promise you, you will drift, and you will love it.

Drift into infinity.

You can play Into The Box for free on web and Android devices.
Follow @kayabros for more.

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