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December 9, 2019
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Make your game visible on GooglePlay and live from the revenues...

by Thierry Brochart on 05/09/14 02:47:00 am

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Hello Everyone,

Today I'd like to share with you may experience on trying to gain visibility for my latest FREE game ( ) on googlePlay and trying to make a decent revenue from it.

Okay, so the first thing to say is that I finally managed to publish my latest game, and in itself it is already a victory... So I thought...
But the reality is harsher than that.
The reality is that even if I think my game is a decent racing game (IMHO) and the price for my customers is cheap (only an advertisement banner or a video from Admob or vungle while or before playing) I'll never be paid for my efforts if I can't have my game installed on enough android devices in the world...

The fact is that (source from google: ) there are more than 400 million devices out there, and I need my game to be adopted by enough users to get a revenue.
So from my previous games I know that I have and average RPM of 0.50 Euros
and this is directly depending on the quality of my games so far.

So what can I do with this 0.50 euros of RPM? I need to have 3 million requests per month to make 1500 euros of monthly revenues.

How do I make those 3 millions requests? By adding around 2 millions of downloads of my latest game. How do I know that? Because I already have 1 million of my games downloaded and they already give me around 500 euros of revenue per month. Here is a screen shot of my Admob Revenues from April 8 to May 8 in 2014:

Well the good news is that already 500 euros is not bad for one month, the sad news is that it took me years and more than 20 games published to get there and that I need to at least tripple that that make a real revenue...
So how will I get there? THRU VISIBILITY for may latest game...
So this is what I'll discuss in this post: My efforts to make my game visible.

So Google says its Googleplay market is "Built for app discovery" and insists on:
1) "User ratings and reviews" saying that my app's rating "is one of the most important factors influencing its ranking in the various lists and search results in Google Play. It's also one of the key signals that the editorial staff looks for, when curating apps and games for promotion in the store."
Ok so my app's rating is 4.5 so far (thanks for my family and friends who are my first customers but of course also my best fans so I expect it to go down soon or later...) which is very close to the 4.6 rating of their example... so far so good...

2) "Category browsing" ok so my game is in "Racing Game" genre so no mistake here...

3) "Search" Oops, here when I try to search even the name of my game "Heavy Truck Speed Racing" I can find it only at the 13th position... How come? Google says: "Search on Google Play lets users pinpoint an app or game quickly. Search uses powerful heuristics to suggest terms as the user types, and it offers direct links to apps as suggestions. In results, users find the most relevant, most popular apps at the top" Okay... so as my app isn't the most popular, hence the 13th position... but how can I be a popular app if I don't get in a better position than 13th? Not to mention that when my family or friends look for my game by a search request, many won't read so far as the 13th position... which isn't normal if you ask me...Oh well, let's continue the list and see how I can do better...

4) "Top charts and lists" So far I'm in 151th position in Top New Free Racing games... too far to be downloaded a lot of times... but here again let's continue to see if I can do better elswhere...

5) "Featured, Staff Picks, Collections, and Badges" Ok definitely not for me unless I get picked by luck... which is probably going to happen as much as winning lottery... let's continue...

6) "Rich, colorful product pages" .. Err OK I'm not probably doing a very good job here, after all I'm only a lonely programmer, but hey I do my best! Here is a screenshot of my product page, feel free to comment...

7)... Oh no... no seven!

So in conclusion, you can do a good game, you can have good first ratings, you can have a colorfull product page, but in the end you do NOT KNOW HOW TO CLIMB INTO THE CHARTS...

So far, in 15 days I only had 384 downloads... which is far from the 2 million I need... stay tuned for an update in 15 days when my game will be out of the Top New Free Racing games chart, meaning when things will get even worse to get noticed...


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