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May 24, 2019
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7 Video Games That Feature Gambling

by Walter Moore on 04/16/18 09:48:00 am

The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.
The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.


1. The Witcher 3

Arguably the best game of 2015, The Witcher 3 combines amazing graphics, enticing gameplay and complex storylines. The game has attracted many fans who even today regard it as the best game ever created.

Gwent—a card game similar to poker—plays an important side role in the game. This game provides the perfect opportunity for your character to take a break from slaying monsters. What is more, Gwent plays has an important role when your character moves between different areas. The card game has a challenge which poker players will love.

2. Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy, the game every self-respecting gamer has played at least once in their life, is played by so many people worldwide that we simply could not have turned a blind eye on it when creating this list.

A game in the game called Triple Triad spans across a 3x3 grid whise aim is to collect as much cards of your colour as you can in order to walk away with a prize. Your character plays against the AI and the winner of the game is the one with the higher value of cards.

3. Shenmue II

In the action-adventure game Shenmue, you are playing as the martial arts master Ryo Hazuki and your goal is to collect clues in order to solve numerous mysteries. With hi-tech graphics and interesting storyline, the game will certainly catch your attention.

And if it does not, the game Lucky Hit will. Lucky Hit is similar to pachinko – not only is it Ryo’s favourite game, but it is also very profitable, too.

The amounts of money your Ryo can bet vary greatly, and so do the odds and payouts. What is more, Ryo can not only play Lucky Hit, but he could be a dealer too, keeping some of the money that other NPCs have lost during the game.

4. Red Dead Redemption

Arguably the most popular game of its time, Red Dead Redemption provides the opportunity to play poker and Texas Hold’Em. Naturally, since the game was created by the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series, you can also cheat your opponents and walk out with a lot of cash. Beware, though – if you get caught, you might be challenged to fight for your life.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops

If you are sick and tired of fighting at the battlefield and you feel like you need a financial motivation to keep fighting, try Wager Match. The game modes up the ante by letting character gamble with the in-game currency. The winner gets a 3:1 payout on their investment. You can bet in a series of games against other players.

While this is the perfect way to unlock new weapons, you need a victory if you want to make any gains.

6. Watchdogs

There is a drinking and poker game within Watchdogs. The drinking game is pretty fun even though you need to pay in order to play for each round. Nevertheless, the poker tables provide the perfect opportunity to take a break from the main action.

7. Fallout New Vegas

In Fallout New Vegas you control a character called the Courier whose mission is to transport a package across the Mojave Desert to New Vegas. During the journey the character is attacked and he loses the package. How to take a break from the complex storyline? Gambling.

Gambling in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas? Why not? Of course, since your character is playing in post-apocalyptic Vegas where all casino bonuses are mirage and they are not exactly honest, you will have to be extra cautious unless you want to be cheated, or become a victim of thievery. Of all modern-day games that feature gambling elements, Fallout is the one with most realistic gaming elements.

With its stunning graphics and numerous plot twists, Fallout New Vegas has become the favourite game of many players worldwide. It is among the best post-apocalyptic games ever made.

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