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October 22, 2017
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Antonio Romero's Blog


My name, nor date of birth , nor heritage , nor belief is of any importance. But what I will tell you is this. I come from a large family. Me being the eldest followed by six amazing siblings. My siblings consist of five strong men and one beautiful women. There is Gerardo (The aspiring music producer), Ishmael ( The Corporate Prodigal) , Ammy Shaddai ( Royalty since she is sure that she is a princess), Andrew ( Destination Coopers Town because he is the true form of an all around athlete), Walter ( Journey of discovering who he is....) and Nicholas ( Singer and dancer ...I guess). All in all these guys are great just the way the an extent . Haha.We all come from a very tough and challenging upbringing. I will not sit here and begin to indulge myself with painful details of our journey to where we are today but what I will say is that it was hard. I wish that path of challenges on no human being but I am proud of it because it plays a major part of who I am. Our mother Judith was a wonderful yet fierce woman. She showed an amazing level of love with a healthy balance of law. Though her ways were unethical, they worked. About five years ago, we said goodbye to her. AIDS had won the war on her body . I was twenty two when I planned my mothers funeral. Fast forwards a few years and here I am today. I am married to a gorgeous woman by the name of Jasmine and she bore me an adorable boy who goes by the name of Elias Xavier. We have had so many ups and downs but I am so thankful toward God for keeping us stable, safe and together. She truly is the oxygen of which I breathe. My wife is currently on the correct path towards her passion in the criminal justice field. She is so tenacious and easily one of the most intelligent woman I have ever met, God I love that woman. And my son is barely three years old and is what they would call a "special needs" child. He was diagnoses with a mild case of autism as a baby. This plays a familiar tune in my heart since I to was diagnosed later on down the road with a much higher level of autism which I believe was titled " Classical Autism". This resulted in me not being able to read or even look at another human being without breaking down until the age of 11. Predictably I was naturally awesome at math but that was about it. Today, I work as an Executive Administrative Assistant for a boiler service company in New York city. It is by no means my dream job but I am grateful for it and sincerely like my bosses. When I'm not working I am spending much needed time with my wife and son. With our busy schedules , every breath counts. And in other instances I play baseball, football and game on my ps3 heavily. My psn tag is truerome , look me up. As a matter of fact my ultimate career goal revolves around the gaming industry. One day I want to be able to watch my son, my family and friends play a video game on a console of which I helped produce. That is my dream!!!! But in my pursuit of career happiness , there are hurdles we must clear to obtain validity in our industries of choice. This is why I chose to pursue my Bachelors of Science in Technology at Phoenix. I was born on 02/01/1985. I come from a very diverse background which spans from the island of Puerto Rico to the vineyards of Italy to the streets of Brooklyn, NY. My name is Antonio "Tony" Romero Jr and I believe that each of us has a God given purpose to be awesome! 


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Posted by Antonio Romero on Fri, 15 Feb 2013 09:58:00 EST in
Pushing forward...relentlessly.

Posted by Antonio Romero on Wed, 13 Feb 2013 06:50:00 EST in Serious
I talk about my desire for gaming design, production and where it all stems from. The story begins as a young ignorant boy in the slums of Brooklyn of the city known as New York.