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Matt Schoen's Blog


Matt is an aspiring game dev guru who has already completed a number of interesting projects.  He spends most of his time programming in one language or another. He works on the web, native desktop, native mobile, and pretty much every platform imaginable, but he prefers to spend his time with C# in Unity.  While he is, and always shall be a co-founder at Defective Studios, he has worked with a number of other teams with Defective and on his own like Dejobaan Games, HitPoint Studios and Acne Media, Inc.

He would primarily consider himself a programming generalist, but he's really an artist at heart. Code just happens to be his favorite medium.  He's also passionate about photography, filmmaking and music.  He plays the guitar, piano, and sings, and had a great time running live audio setups for concerts and events as a part-time gig in high school and college.  In a past life, he also participated in an alarming amount of technical theatre, from lighting to set design.  Really all of these things are what make him a game developer.


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Posted by Matt Schoen on Mon, 26 Oct 2015 07:55:00 EDT in Programming, Production, Indie
At the request of Codice Software, I did a little research and tried integrating PlasticSCM into our pipeline at Defective. Things went rather well and I was happy with the result, but ultimately not unhappy enough with git to make the switch.